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New Bagel Restaurant Now Open

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Fresh baked bagels just for you.Andy Hay/Unsplash

Sometimes there’s nothing like the satisfying crunch of a bagel. Whether it’s slathered in cream cheese for breakfast or it’s used instead of bread for a delicious sandwich, bagels are versatile and can prove plenty satisfying. Here in Tucson, it’s not easier than ever before to find a freshly baked bagel, thanks to the opening of Bube’s Fine Bagels.

Located at 1101 North Wilmot Road, you can find Bubbe’s Fine Bagels right next to Pizza Luna. The two restaurants have more in common than sharing a wall though. Kyle Leuer formerly worked at Pizza Luna and began making bagels from leftover pizza dough. After completely falling in love with the bagels, and with the help of Pizza Luna’s ownership, Kyle moved into the space next door and has since launched the bagel joint. 

To help master the bagel-making process, Kyle went up to Massachusetts to learn the tricks of the trade from Wicked Bagel, a popular bagel shop in New England. And if there’s one location in all of the United States to learn bagel-making from, it’s in the Northeast. 

Bubbe’s Fine Bagels will over several bagel options, from the stand-alone bagels to sandwich-styled bagels that can compete with any sandwich shop in town. 

If you’re hungry for a single bagel, you can pick up one of any number of offered bagels for $1.50. Prices slide lower per bagel at $8 for half a dozen and $15 for a backers dozen. 

Want freshly made cream cheese slathered over your bagel? There’s everything from classics like chine and green onion, all the way to honey lavender. 

But perhaps the rumble in your tummy won’t simply be satisfied by carbs and topped cream cheese? Not a problem there, as you can opt for one of the sandwich-styled bagels. Open-faced bagels can be topped with everything from heirloom tomatoes and capers, whitefish salad, cucumbers, and a number of other toppings capable of putting most sub sandwich joints to shame. 

So if you’re hungry to sample one of the latest bagel creations, head on over to Bubbe’s Fine Bagels. The bagels are made fresh daily, so you’ll want to stop by early in the morning if at all possible. The new location is closed on Mondays, but open Tuesday through Sunday, from 7 AM until 2 PM, although those hours might expand should it prove popular enough. Currently Bubbe's Fine Bagels want to make sure they produce enough bagels during the day without bagels going to waste.

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