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Get Paid to Skip Work, Drink Micheladas

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When it comes to beer cocktails, few can compete with the classic Mexican michelada. The drink has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with most major brewers now having at least one michelada-based can on the market. While most lovers of the beer cocktail know the best way to enjoy it is to have it freshly made, some of the can variations do a fine job when in a pinch. One of the latest breweries to step into the can-offered Michelada ring is Estrella Jalisco. While the brewery has been around for over 100 years, it didn’t push into the U.S. market until recently (it is now a major advertising partner with the Los Angeles Dodgers). It is also doing what it can to make a dent in Tucson. Just how is it doing that? By partnering with BOCO Tacos y Tequila and local chef Maria Mazon for what they are dubbing “Michelada Mondays.” 

What exactly is this Michelada Mondays all about? It’s a combination of the beer cocktail and BOCO Tacos y Tequila delivered right to you. A total of five Tucson locals will be selected every Monday to take the day off work (don’t worry, Estrella Jalisco will pay you to take the day off). They will then deliver food prepared by BOCO Tacos y Tequila directly to you. Everything will be michelada-inspired, and while the exact menu has not been released, it’s going to have Maria Mazon’s taco flare and the taste of michelada throughout. In addition to the food and drink, you’ll be given access to an online cooking class presented by Maria, so you can learn some of her secret recipes to make at home. 

If all of that sounds pretty good, you can easily register yourself for the event, which takes place every single Monday here in town. All you need to do is follow Estrella Jalisco on any of their social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook), then comment on any of their posts using the hashtags “#MicheladaMondays” and “#Giveaway”. 

Estrella Jalisco will then pick the five winners at random. 

While other beer cocktails have been around longer than the michelada (the shandy and radler beer cocktails have been around for far longer), this particular beverage is unlike any other beer cocktail out there. It first came to pass back in the 1960s in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Now, as you might expect, there are regional flavors involved. Some using strictly tomato juice are closer to a bloody marry made using beer, while others take advantage of Clamato juice. 

The Estrella Jalisco Michelada uses Clamato juice in its recipe, in addition to lime juice and salt. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise for anyone that follows the beer industry as Anheuser-Busch now owns Estrella Jalisco (of course Anheuser-Bush InBev owns Grupo Modelo, which makes Modelo, Corona, as well as other Mexican beer staples like Victoria, Leon, and Pacifico) and the Budweiser Michelada versions use Clamato juice in their recipes. 

For anyone in Tucson new to the world of canned micheladas (some use the condensed name of “Chelada”, especially if less tomato juice is used and other ingredients like lime juice or hot spices are more prevalent) it very much is a personal experiment with which canned version tastes better. It often has nothing to do with the beer being used but instead, the recipe of tomato juice and spices added to it. 

As for homemade micheladas, everyone has their preference, especially here in Tucson where all things Mexican come hotly debated. This author’s michelada personal preference is made with Tecate, and the more spice the better. 

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