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Freshly Baked Bagel Joint Opening in Tucson!

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There’s just something about a freshly baked bagel. The breakfast-on-the-go baked good is versatile enough to be used as an alternative to sandwich bread all the way to replacing the English muffin when topping off sausage patties and eggs at famous fast-food chains. But how often are you able to enjoy a quality bagel? Most grocery store bagels were made several days earlier, and are pumped up with extra sodium in order to extend the shelf life. Thankfully, if you’re a bagel fan here in Tucson, things are about to get a bit easier for you, because there’s a brand new bagel joint opening up here in town. 

Bubbe’s Fine Bagels’ will be opening up at the corner of Wilmot and Speedway, right next to Pizza Luna. Of course, that makes sense as the owners of Pizza Luna helped back and finance Bubbe’s Fine Bagels, so they can easily pop in and see how things are going (as well as possibly send some business their way). 

To learn the art of bagel-making (ask anyone who hails from greater New York about bagel making and they absolutely will tell you it’s a true art form) owners Kyle Leuer and Becca Groff performed an apprenticeship at a Lexington, Massachusetts bagel joint known as Wicked Bagel. 

A bagel is only as good as the dough. A naked, ordinary bagel without any top seasonings should still taste great. It should offer a nice outer crunch while maintaining an airy, less-dense interior. However, most grocery store-baked bagels are either over salted, don’t have the exterior crunch, or are too chewy and leave your jaw in need of a rest. Other locations will use recipes that are not bagel-specific. To produce an exceptional bagel, the dough itself needs to be made specifically for the purpose of making a bagel. This is because the doughnut shape, as well as the thickness, differs from bread and pretzels, which means the baking requirements are different. Not using a bagel-specific dough will result in an inferior product. 

All of this is why Bubbe’s Fine Bagels’ uses a mature starter, which helps increase the fermentation of the yeast. Aged, mature yeast will bring out more flavor, instead of giving off the breaded, salty taste of a store-bought, plastic-wrapped bagel. 

When visiting the new bagel shop you will find several classic bagel styles. You can always go for the plain if you really want to get to know the taste of the bagel itself (something that’s highly recommended, as the best way to determine if a bagel is good or not is based on the bagel itself, not the added seasonings). Other, flavorful bagels include a sesame, poppy, cinnamon raisin, caraway rye, and of course the classic everything bagel. There will also be a weekly bagel special. 

But maybe you don’t just want a bagel. Perhaps you want to sink your teeth into a bagel sandwich or add other proteins and tastes to your bagel. All of that can be had as the shop will sell several breakfast sandwiches. So whether you want bacon, breakfast sausage, scrambled eggs, cheese, or a handful of other ingredients, you’ll find all of this at Bubbe’s Fine Bagels’

The bagel joint is not fully open to the public yet. That is expected to be sometime in August, so you won’t have to wait long. A Facebook page will be forthcoming as it approaches its opening, but for the latest bagel photos, check out their Instagram page as you ready yourself to visit its 1101 N Wilmot Rod location. And if you're interested in work feel free to stop by and inquire inside.

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