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Mommy-Daughter Spa Opening in Tucson Mall

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There’s just something about the mall food court and just a trip to the mall in general. Perhaps there’s more nostalgia in it than anything else, but for many throughout the area, visiting the Tucson Mall, shopping, and grabbing something to eat brings back feelings of childhood when hanging with friends at the mall was the “cool” thing to do. Back when everything a teenager needed was at the mall, including the movie theater. 

Visiting the mall, shopping, grabbing a soda, and possibly eating food at the food court might not have the same cultural impact now as it once did. This is especially the case during the holidays when there are more gifts to be bought and more people to compete with. 

 However, every open space in the mall impacts the rest of the shops. With fewer shopping options patrons of the mall will simply go elsewhere. Every shop, whether it is a clothing store, sporting goods retailer, video game outlet, or restaurant, has a symbiotic relationship inside of the mall, and a strong mall requires the shops and stalls to be full. 

That is why it is worth drawing attention to a brand new shop opening up at the Tucson Mall food court. Pam’s Fizzy Factory. Pam’s Fizzy Factory is all about making your next home spa night better than ever before. Whether it is relaxing after a long day of work, or needing to rest your feet because you’ve been standing all day, Pam’s Fizzy Factory has you covered. 

It’s also so much more than a destination for you to pick up goodies to take home. It also provides spa services to both adults and children. Yes, it is officially Tucson’s only spa-themed “party spa pace.” Here you can plan a special spa party for your little one, and during the party, they can be dressed up like a princess while their nails are done. Juice cocktails are even given to your child so they can sip on a beverage and relax right alongside you. For parents looking for a way to bond with their child (or who want to throw a party for their child), this is a unique location to do just that. 

All of the bath bombs and other products are made by the staff. Nothing is ordered and shipped in from out of state. Pam, the owner of Pam’s Fizzy Factory, wanted a way to connect with her daughter and found most nail salons or other spa destinations didn’t specifically cater to her child. That is why this destination specializes in spa parties and activities for children between the ages of 6 and 13, as well as their parents. 

Some of the services offered include a mini mani, pedi, and facials. After visiting the spa, which is located on the first level of the Tucson Mall across from Cinnabon, you can order bath bombs directly from the Pam’s Fizzy Factory website. This way, you and your child can relive some of the magic back home even after the spa day is done. 

It’s a unique destination and one that will be a true blast for young ones and their parents. Some of the party packages available include the Diva Day Spa-Tacular Party, a Unicorn Spa Party, TikTop Spa Party, Fizzologist Science Party, a BFF Spa Day, the Pampered Princess party, the Mad Hatter Tea Party, the Fairy Dress Up Party, as well as the Mommy & Me Spa Day package. So if you’re looking for a bonding experience with your child, stop by Pam’s Fizzy Factory the next time you’re at the Tucson Mall. 

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