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Fan-Favorite Tucson Restaurant Opening Second Location

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Eating out and eating healthy don’t always go hand in hand. In fact, if you’re watching what you eat or trying to limit calories it can be downright impossible. Even salads at some of the more known restaurant chains are packed full of calories, making it on par with the burgers and fries slung in the same establishment. Either that or the food is so lacking in flavor you’d rather avoid eating it altogether.

Here in Tucson, there are a handful of healthy dining options. With the amount of time people spend outside, there’s often a push to look good while being outside, so restaurants attempt to cater to this need. Still, the selection is often few and far between. That selection, thankfully, is about to expand a little bit, with the announcement of a new “Choice Greens” restaurant.

This will be the second Choice Greens restaurant here in Tucson. The restaurant, which is most known for its selection of salads and fresh sandwiches, will be opening up on the corner of Campbell and River (the current location is on Speedway). Current plans have the new Choice Greens scheduled to open in early summer.

For owners Jeff and Fran Katz and Paolo DeFilippis, this has been a long time coming. The original Choice Greens has been running for nearly two decades here in Tucson. Any restaurant able to have those kinds of legs obviously is doing something right. The trio of restaurant owners also runs a number of plant and healthy alternative eating establishments here in Tucson, including Truland Burgers & Greens, plus Graze Premium Burgers.

It will take some time to fully renovate the selected space to fit the needs of Choice Greens. First, it is combining two different old stores, which include a carpet shop and a Starbucks. Constructing and adding in a full kitchen will take the longest, but that shouldn’t disrupt the plans of having the new restaurant open by early summer.

While there are hopes that social distancing requirements will be reduced as we approach the warmer weather and more individuals have had the opportunity to receive their vaccinations, there will also be plenty of outdoor seating space for the restaurant, all of which will be shaded to protect from that Tucson summer sun.

The restaurant does give salad lovers another option. However, it isn’t only for salad eaters. There are other food options on the menu that will keep everyone happy. Some of the grain bowls are the most popular items on the menu, as these bowls, which can be meat-free, come packed with proteins, fiber, and other beneficial ingredients. And then, for those colder days, or for when you just need some pick-me-up food, there is also soup, and mac and cheese on the menu as well.

If you want to stay up to date on the latest going on with the new Choice Greens location, including the exact launch date for the restaurant, make sure to check out the Choice Greens website. Additionally, the restaurant will be hiring in the coming months, so if you are interested in working for the restaurant, you can visit the website and click on the “Employment” link on the far right of the page. Once there you can either apply directly online, or you can download the application, fill it out, and then stop by the current Choice Greens location on Speedway. From here you’re able to indicate whether you want to be considered for the new location (if you are taking your application in, try to avoid the busy lunch and dinner rushes if possible).

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