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New Pizza Restaurant Coming To Speedway

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Detroit style pizza is one of the fastest-growing styles of pizza and it’s finally coming here to Tucson. Opening up at 4603 East Speedway, Transplant will share space with the current tenant, Craft, A Modern Drinkery. 

Set for a summer, Transplant aims at bringing the classic Detroit style pizza to Tucson, all while utilizing several food styles, flavors, and techniques, from the Old Pueblo as well as the Southwest. 

If you’re not familiar with Detroit-style pizza it, at first, looks like a regular deep-dish pizza, but there are a number of differences. The rectangular tin the pizza is baked in has slopped angles on all four sides, and the cheese goes all the way to the end of the pizza, so there is no inch of naked crust. 

The cheese itself is a bit different, as traditional Detroit pizza uses a Wisconsin brick cheese (although there is no word as to what kind of cheese will be used at Transplant). Also, the cheese is applied first and the sauce is applied on top of the cheese. This way, instead of the cheese oil sitting on top of the pizza, the crust absorbs it, pulling added flavor into the crust (and most Detroit style pizza makers will apply a unique kind of butter to the sides of the baking tin, which helps give the crust sides an added, buttery, crunch taste). 

The exact kinds of pizzas and how the Detroit-influenced style will be realized at Transplant is not yet known, although Tucson won’t need to wait long for the new pizza restaurant to open up. And for guests looking to remain at the restaurant and enjoy a craft beer, the in-house Craft, a Modern Drinkery will make that possible. 

If you are familiar with the location there will be a new outdoor patio area as well as some space for outdoor games. 

In addition to the pizza, Transplant has plans on offering sandwiches, pastas, burgers, salads, and a number of other menu items. All of this is on top of what Craft, A Modern Drinker offers, which is 40 tap beers and six tap wines (which is a direct spin-off from the Serial Grillers restaurant location). There are also additional beverages you can purchase via can and bottle as well. 

Because the location already has its beer and wine license it will help speed up the process of opening up the food portion of the location. In order to stay up to date on the latest regarding both Transplant and Craft, A Modern Drinkery, you will want to follow the team’s Facebook page. That will list any upcoming opening dates, as well as the need for new workers (so if you have pizza-making experience and have been looking for a new method of making pizza here in Tucson, this may be the perfect opportunity for you). 

A popular question that has popped up regarding the addition of Transplant is whether or not food trucks will still be part of the location (as food trucks were allowed to set up shop outside of Craft, A Modern Drinkery). No announcement to this has yet been released, although as the location is adding pizza, sandwiches, burgers, and salads, the chances of the food trucks being allowed to set up and potentially take food sales away from the restaurant aren’t all that high. Although those specifics will be announced in the coming weeks and months as the Transplant location moves closer to opening and, hopefully, when the summer hits, regular restaurant seating will be allowed as the COVID-19 vaccination will be available for everyone who wants one. 

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