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Free Donuts! Tucson's Krispy Kreme's Handing Out Free Treats

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Nobody likes getting shots. 

Whether it is the bit of anxiety it can drum up, dating back to those pesky inoculations received as a child, or it’s the sight of the needle and the slight sting of the injection, most people would rather avoid getting shots if they could. 

For those looking to receive their COVID-19 inculcation, they will need to pony up and accept the fact that they will need not just one, but potentially two shots (unless you’re able to nab yourself the Johnson & Johnson one-off shot). 

For many, the ability to further return back to normal shortly after the shot is received is all that is needed to make the shot worthwhile, but that still doesn’t take away any of the side effects or the mental anguish getting a shot can have on some. 

That’s where your local Tucson Krispy Kreme’s comes in. The Tucson Krispy Kreme’s location announced it will be offering free donuts to anyone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and has their vaccination card. 

All you need to do is head out to the location and show your vaccination card. And, of course, if you need to go in for a second shot, you can then return back to Tucson’s Krispy Kreme’s with the card and receive a second doughnut. So, at least there is a bit of a sweet treat at the end of the shot. 

This is a promotion that will be going on throughout most of April. While it went into effect on March 22, news of the promotion didn’t start to circulate until recently. If you’ve already received your complete vaccination don’t worry, because you can still receive your free doughnut. With your card, you can pop into the Tucson location and pick up your classic glazed treat (do note that the free doughnut is limited to the glazed variety).

The beauty of the promotion doesn’t stop there. It isn’t a one or possibly two donuts kind of deal. You can head into the Tucson location every single day until April 22 and receive a free doughnut each and every day. 

If you haven’t been out to the local Krispy Kreme’s before it is located at 5621 East Broadway. 

And perhaps you’d like to up the ante with your free treats from the classic establishment. Well, you’re in luck there as well, as every single Monday from now until May 24 you can stop in for a free glazed doughnut and medium coffee at no charge. You don’t even need to buy anything else (although, you’re obviously more than welcome to pick up a few more snacks for the rest of your co-workers).  

You will need to show your vaccination card in order to receive the donuts. Individuals without a card will not be gifted a free doughnut (outside of the Mondays where the card is not required for the free coffee and doughnut). So keep your card handy. 

This deal is not available at all Krispy Kreme’s locations. You will only be able to take advantage of it at the Broadway location. You are also limited to one doughnut per day. The dine-in area of the Broadway location is closed, but you can still head in to order your free donuts (and any other goodies you might want). You can also take advantage of the drive-through. 

If you want to make sure your donuts are freshly made (as in just a few moments old) Krispy Kreme’s here in Tucson makes batches from 5:30 AM until 9 AM and 5:30 PM until 9 PM (you’ll know they are making new glazed donuts when the red light is on in the window). 

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