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New Thai Restaurant Coming To Tucson's Oro Valley!

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Finding delicious Thai food isn’t always the easiest thing to do. There are a handful of options here in greater Pima County, but in terms of food styles, great Thai food is often few and far between. So, if you’re a fan of the southeastern Asian style of food you will be happy to note that Tuk Tuk Thai has announced it will open a second location, this time in Oro Valley.

If you live on the Northwestern side of Tucson or in Oro Valley in general you know how frustrating it can be to order Thai food. You either have to drive to the other side of the city, a journey that can easily take tour hours with traffic, or you’re forced to try and track down a restaurant that delivers to your area (otherwise you’re forced to go with an expensive delivery service, and the chance of the food still being hot upon arrival is not great).

Tuk Tuk Thai is named for the small, motorized vehicles that are famous in Thailand (and other neighboring countries in the region). The three-wheeled vehicles are essentially tricycles with a truck-like pickup bed. Because the restaurant serves traditional and variations of famous Thai street food, it makes sense to use a vehicle that is the most commonly found form of transportation on Thailand streets.

The brand new location is set to open on April 19 (which is a Monday) at 12125 North Oracle Road, Suite 169.

If you’re not familiar with the first location here in Tucson that’s okay. Many aren’t, because it is so new. It opened at the height of the pandemic back in September of 2020. Bud Sayso had been planning the Tucson restaurant for some time, and despite the pandemic, decided to continue moving forward with his plans to open the first Tucson location, which you can stop by at 2990 North Campbell Avenue, Suite 130.

The restaurant has done well enough to give Bud the confidence his second restaurant will do just as well, if not better, serving up Thai street food to Northern Tucson and Oro Valley patrons. The restaurant on Campbell wasn’t Bud’s first foray into the restaurant world though. He has run two Thai restaurants in Portland, Oregon, and decided to move to another Pac 12 state in order to provide something similar to a region he believed to be under-served (at least in the world of Thai food).

If you haven’t been to the restaurant before visit the Tuk Tuk Thai 2990 website for some excellent photographs of food served at the restaurant (if you’re not hungry already you will be after viewing the photographs). Online ordering is not yet available, although it is in the works and should be ready in the coming months. You can look over the menu right through the website so you know what to order when arriving at the restaurant, or you can call in an order.

Tuk Tuk Thai is also currently looking for servers to join the staff. If you are interested in applying for a position Tuk Tuk Thai asks that you contact them by calling 520-777-7888. Have your information on hand as you may be given an initial phone interview.

Both restaurants do provide a number of specific health information about the food served. First, all menu items are gluten-free except for egg-noodles (both egg-noodle options can be replaced with rice noodles). No MSG is used in the food, only rice oil is used in cooking, and all the sauces and curry pastes served at the restaurant are made in-house. This way, you’ll always be able to enjoy the very best in Thai food without the store-bought taste.

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