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Live In Tucson! Top Local Musicians That Are Performing Again

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It’s been a difficult year for local Tuscan musicians. Most musicians depend on live gigs to make ends meet, so when bars and restaurants across the state shut down, it meant a direct loss of revenue and tip money for these performers. 

Some restaurants have folded, which not only means the employees have lost their jobs but many performers have lost their go-to gig spots. And even though many other locations have opened up, limited outdoor seating capacity makes it difficult for bands and solo artists to perform, either because establishments are unable to pay the same wages, or the fewer guests mean fewer tips. 

There are some fantastic musical acts out there, but with the disjointed return of restaurants, it can be difficult to know where live music is and when these performers are taking the stage. To help, here are some of the top-performing artists in Tucson and their social media profiles. This way, you can follow them and find out when and where they will be performing next. 

If you’re able to make it to a show, there are two ways you can help the artists out. First, order yourself food and a drink. Restaurants keep track of sales during performances, and if sales go up they are more likely to have the performer return. And, second, if you can tip the performer, purchase a CD, or buy some of their offered swag, that little bit of help will go a long way in keeping Tucson one of the best performer-driven cities in the Southwest. 

Bryan Dean Trio

The group is actively performing again, so if you’re a fan then you’re also in luck. They are one of the more active groups in the city, plus they are one of the few blues groups as well. With the closure of Chicago Bar out on Speedway, it is one less blues hotspot, so it can be tricky to know where to catch the sound. Check out the Bryan Dean Trio website to find out when they are playing next. 

Heather O’Day

If you’ve been around the Tucson music scene long enough you’ve probably heard Heather perform before and not even know it. She’s been singing out tunes throughout the area for over 30 years. She’s also performed alongside some of the biggest acts in the country, including Alice Cooper and The Billy Bob Thorton Blues Band. Heather plays a range of musical styles, so whatever you’re into you will love what she has to offer. 

Brooke Sample

This Tucson native was born in Oklahoma before making her way out west. She’s now a mainstay in the performing world around town and, if you check out her schedule, you’ll find there is likely an upcoming show to take in. You may also recognize her as a former contestant on American Idol. Whether you want to take in a show at the local country club or you’d rather kick it with a beer, there are several options to consider. 

Drew Cooper

Feeling like some good ol’ country music? If so Drew will knock your boots back, not to mention the infectious stage personality. There may be no better way to enjoy a beer and take in the evening than when he’s performing. You can follow him on his Facebook page for the latest information and performance dates. 

Scott Clay

Scott Clay has been back at it in Tucson and is trying to stay busy. With a number of live events around town, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a performance to take in. He’s also often taking the stage with other local musicians, which makes it perfect to discover new local favorites at the same time. He’s also developing a wider regional following, so if you’re ever in Denver, don’t be surprised if you see him pop up in a few spots. 

Mamma Coal

When you get the chance to take in a steel guitar show, you should probably take it. Mamma Coal is regularly playing around town with her bandmates, which also includes a traditional upright bass (not something you see very often these days). She brings the energy and can also get you relaxed for the evening. You can follow her upcoming schedule to see when she’ll be performing through her Facebook page. 

Find New Local Acts

These are some of the current Tucson musicians who are performing on a regular basis here in town. Another way to know who is performing and to find new acts is to follow your favorite restaurants on social media. They might not list live acts on their websites (it can be difficult to constantly update a website), but they will post information for upcoming events through their Instagram and Facebook pages. Now more than ever before it is essential to support local businesses and musicians. This is just one of the many ways you can do just that.

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