Are Dating Apps Worth It? New Research May Surprise You

Greyson F

The perfect someone.

They’re out there. At least that’s what many people tell themselves as they sift through profiles on mobile dating platforms.

Everyone has their own reasoning behind their personal search for a significant other. Perhaps it’s to start a family. Maybe it’s the quest for deeper friendship and a partner in life. Or it could be something short and sweet, ending as quickly as it started. Whatever you may be looking for, you may have started to wonder if it is even worth it. If signing up for a mobile app and using it for dating is worth your invested time, or if you should go at it the old fashion way.

Well, new research suggests you may not be wasting your time after when it comes to flipping right or left with your thumb. In fact, there’s growing support for the overall benefit of using mobile applications to find a potential match. This is true for if you live in Arizona, Texas, Michigan, or anywhere else in the United States (or the world, for that matter. At least where mobile dating platforms are present).

Mobile Dating Leading To Marriage

The Knot is an industry-leading publication and website designed to provide information, suggestions, and insights to couples planning their wedding. According to a 2020 publication, 22 percent of all marriages in the United States began with the couples meeting through a mobile application. This means nearly a quarter of all marriages started with the swipe of a finger. And these numbers have only increased over time. 15 years prior to the 2020 publication, Internet dating made up for just six percent of marriages.

How will results increase in the next 15 years? Only time will tell, but the likelihood of your own connection beginning through a mobile dating app will likely increase dramatically.

More Than Just Marriage

Beyond the percentage of weddings beginning with a mobile application, relationships beginning on mobile platforms develop stronger connections faster than through other means of dating. This is because, according to Lasting, a marriage health therapy application and service provider, couples know more about each other before ever going on a first date. Profiles often provide basic, but important information, including political leanings, what they are looking for in a relationship, what their goals are in life, and even information like music likes and favorite movies. All of this information helps dating application users make more educated decisions as to whether someone might be a good match or not.

The kind of information readily available through mobile applications is often not discovered by traditionally dating couples for several dates (if not longer), which can lead to problems further down the road. As Lasting points out, sometimes the basic information provided by these applications isn’t even talked about until relationships move from dating into something more serious. It’s one of the reasons why more and more marriages now begin with a mobile app than ever before.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you’re someone who feels like your wasting time with dating applications and that you should turn to more traditional methods, you might not want to fully jump ship. While there are still plenty of great ways to get out and meet people, ranging from singles events to activities around town (there are a number of open dance classes throughout Tucson for those interested in a fun activity that also brings in a number of singles), mobile applications can help take some of the background mining out of the equation. While it may seem useless because you haven’t found your perfect match just yet, there’s a good chance you know someone who has, and these numbers, according to the research, will continue to grow.

So try out different applications, use what feels best for you, and don’t put pressure on yourself to find someone right away. You don’t need this kind of pressure. Chances are your family or friends might already be asking when you’re going to find someone (naturally if you knew you’d give them an answer). Instead, enjoy dating for what it is. But in the meantime, don’t stress about swiping. Because who knows, you might find yourself one of the nearly quarter of marriages that started out with the swipe of a thumb.

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