Little Black Bear Captured, Relocated

Gregory Vellner
A young bear like this guy was captured in Newtown Township, Pa.Photo by🇸🇮 Janko FerličonUnsplash

NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- It took but a handful of days for news to come in about the little guy “away from his mother and slightly displaced.”

“The bear seen roaming in Upper Makefield and Newtown townships has been captured and relocated,” reported the Pennsylvania Game Commission on June 12, less than a week after initial sightings by area residents. “Wardens believe the same bear was sighted in different locations.”

Those locations in Bucks County, Pa. – including on Lurgan Road in Upper Makefield, along the Delaware Canal and eventually here on June 9 in Newtown Township – had prompted police to issue an alert to residents.

But with capture of the 100-pound male juvenile bear in the Newtown Grant development and relocation to gamelands in upper Berks County, Pa., the focus today is on informing the public about black bears on the run.

“This is the time of year when bears are seen in areas they usually aren’t seen in due mostly to increased activity, which includes yearlings leaving their mothers to find new home ranges,” said Travis Lau, Communications Director, state Game Commission.

The “very small, very young” bear is estimated to weigh 130 pounds and has black hair, was the Yardley Borough police alert issued following sightings on the Delaware Canal.

“This is his first year away from his mother and he is slightly displaced,” the statement read.

The state Game Commission said bears often roam Bucks County this time of year, and even with capture of the lower Bucks bear, another might appear, said Lau.

“Bears are strong, fast and powerful, and should always be respected,” he said. “But they usually don’t act aggressively toward people.”

If a bear is encountered, get its attention to let it know you are there, advised the spokesperson.

“That’s often enough for it to leave,” said Lau. “Never run from a bear or climb a tree to evade a bear. Both can be viewed as threats.”

Precautions should be taken by homeowners.

“Residents should consider removing or stowing away any potential food sources like birdseed or garbage that might draw a bear in,” he said. “Dog owners also are wise to keep a close eye on pets they let outside where they might encounter bears, because dogs and bears can get into scraps.”

(The only thing needed now is a name for the little guy. How about Newton or Bucky? Send your thoughts and “Follow” here for more.)

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