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On a pleasant spring day perfect for a walk in the sunshine and cool air, the pair headed out the door and into an unknown new world, according to the newspaper column, which told this story:

“I’ll never forget the day my daughter and I set out to discover the world together – she through a baby’s eyes and I through vision that had surrendered to multiple sclerosis.

“After fixing her jacket and securing the three-month-old into the stroller, we headed outside and down the front walk. But no sooner had we turned on to the sidewalk I faced a perplexing situation. Headed toward us were two women with babies in their strollers. How would I explain that because of MS and chronic vision impairment, I no longer could drive and continue at my job, and had become a stay-at-home Mr. Mom? How would I explain my wife as a result had to return fulltime to work and be the family’s sole driver? Could I make it clear I understood how difficult the home domestic job is, and that I truly was trying to pull my weight by handling the laundry and cooking?

“Phew! The women said little and asked nothing, and off we went …”

The April 1986 occasion, written about by me a couple of years later, told the story of how an unexpected illness and disability impacts a person’s life – from individual challenges and a career change, to new roles in marriage and parenting. My daughter now is 35 and my wife and I also have had a son. And over the past years we’ve lived fulfilling, exciting, challenging and interesting lives, raising the family and reinforcing our love. This is not just my story, but that of an untold number of people who one day discover a new twist – living with a chronic illness and disability, yet finding a way to triumph.

I hope here to tell those stories, and if you know of one, let me know at Open a account and follow me to discover those tales. The first, in fact, is headlined: "Dazzling Advice: Keep Your Head Up and Smile." Go to the spacebar and check it out.

Remarkable stories of challenges faced and overcome will be explored here – be it a struggle with cancer, MS, leukemia, diabetes or any other health crisis. We’ll also find accounts of leadership, motivation and encouragement in those rescuing the tested people in our lives.

Follow me on a search for the magnificent.

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