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Experience Authentic Thai Street Food with Kaosamai Thai Food Truck in Seattle

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Kaosamai Thai, a renowned Thai restaurant in Fremont with a food truck extension, was recently featured on Good Day Seattle's Food Truck Friday segment. The family-owned business has been operating for over 20 years and launched their food truck in 2004-2005 to meet the growing demand for catering services. Since then, the food truck has become a mobile ambassador for the restaurant, serving authentic Thai cuisine to both locals and tourists.

The restaurant was initially established by an uncle and aunt duo, and is now managed by sisters, one of whom is the owner and chef. The main goal of the business is to offer customers an authentic taste of Thailand by presenting traditional dishes reminiscent of the food they enjoyed as immigrants in Seattle.

During their appearance on Good Day Seattle, the sisters showcased various dishes available on their food truck menu. Highlights included 'balmy hang' featuring in-house barbecue pork egg noodles, a classic Thai papaya salad, and a special dish called 'phat kaphrao' – a popular Thai street food. Phat kaphrao consists of minced meat stir-fried with holy basil and topped with a fried egg. The sisters take pride in using genuine ingredients like holy basil to create an authentic Thai flavor profile.

Seattle residents have warmly welcomed the food truck, appreciating the genuine taste of Thai street food that Kaosamai Thai brings to their city. The restaurant itself is situated in a large orange building in the Fremont neighborhood, boasting a spacious patio perfect for indulging in their delectable offerings during the warmer months.

When visiting Kaosamai Thai, the sisters recommend trying the phat kaphrao dish or their wide noodles for a satisfying mouthfeel. The food truck also features seasonal dishes, with a new item introduced for the spring and summer season. In summary, the Kaosamai Thai food truck successfully delivers the vibrant flavors of Thailand to Seattle, allowing residents and visitors to savor authentic Thai cuisine in their own backyard.

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