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Cool Weather Arrives In Tampa Area And Is Expected To Stick Around

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December was warm in Tampa, and for much of Florida. After sweating through an above average Christmas and New Year's the temperatures in the Bay Area are finally cooling off. For the first time since November, the cool temperatures are not transient. They are here to stay. December saw a parade of higher than usual temperatures, including a few record highs, that have had residents longing for cooler temperatures.

The ridge of high pressure that was blocking in the high heat has finally broken down. This has allowed the cold air from up north to finally flow in and blow across the peninsula. Before, the high pressure was preventing the cooler air mass from moving over Florida. Now that the ridge is gone, Floridians will finally get to taste the colder air that has been struggling to make its way south for weeks.

The results are a stretch of lovely weather that appears to be here to stay. Temperatures will stay cool and the skies sunny for at least the next seven days. And the pattern could be here longer.

Tampa Bay is forecast to barely scratch 70 degrees over the next seven days, with lows in the 50s. Residents of Tampa's more northern locations such as northeast Pasco county and Hernando county, can expect to see temperatures dip into the low 40s at night.

Tampa Bay's average temperature in the month of January is 71F. That puts the next week or so of weather at comfortably below average which is a nice change of pace from the weather pattern that was stubbornly in place all December.

In addition to mostly sunny skies and nice temperatures, the weather will feature some breezy days (and isolated areas could experience some high winds) as well as some minor chances for rain. None of the coming days are going to be washouts, and if there is rain, it is expected to remain in isolated pockets.

If anyone in the Tampa area has outdoor plans or has been putting off outdoor chores waiting for better weather, now is a great time to break those out. The forecast predicts the best stretch of weather the area has seen in a long time, and it will be perfect for some quality outside activities.

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