Severe Weather Continues To Cause Problems Across The US

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The United States has been beset by a series of severe weather outbreaks over the past week and issues stemming from the poor forecast continue to cause problems coast to coast. This week alone has seen an outbreak of tornados in the south, two bomb cyclones, one on either side of the country, and a pattern of strong winds emerge across the central and southern United States. These weather systems have caused heavy amounts of damage and the problems continue to linger into the Halloween weekend.

Strong winds in the Dallas area caused tens of thousands of people to lose power as overhead lines came tumbling down. Street signs and trees were uprooted causing a surprising amount of damage in the wake of a powerful front that moved through the state earlier in the week. Authorities say that the power outages could linger into the weekend as crews continue to clean up the mess.

Tornadoes touched down in Louisiana in areas that were previously hit hard by Hurricane Ida. Homes were destroyed in Lake Charles prompting an official response by the governor.

This comes on the heels of two bomb cyclones that broke out nearly simultaneously on opposite coasts. The New England region was treated to powerful winds and soaking rains that left hundreds of thousands of people without power. At the same time, another similar system raked the Pacific Northwest with near-identical conditions. The result has been a soggy week and a lot of clean up left to be done. Winds in both Massachusetts and California were clocked at nearly 100mph in some isolated locations.

Wind gusts along Florida's Gulf Coast have caused an outbreak of coastal flooding after a strong cold front downed trees in the Tampa area the day before.

The weather has left a big mess to clean up and the effects are being felt nationwide. FlightAware is tracking over 1200 flight cancellations today alone. Their forecast for future delays shows a lot of misery for Chicago, Dallas, and Houston as wind and rain continue to persist around important flight hubs.

These problems can only exasperate a growing supply chain headache that shows no signs of letting up. Airports and seaports are already backed up with goods needing to be delivered to their final destination on a sunny day. Poor road conditions, flight delays, and severe weather will do nothing to help alleviate the supply chain problems nagging American retail.

There is more rain in the forecast for the upper Midwest and New England that stretches into the weekend. Forecasters hope that the worst of the severe weather is behind us, at least for the week ahead.

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