Amazon's New World Player Count Drops 43% From Peak

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Amazon's highly anticipated game, New World, launched on September 28th with a massive turnout. At its peak, the game reached over 900,000 players on Steam and over a million concurrently worldwide. The number of players trying to get into the game was so large that the servers clogged up leading to massive queues that spanned hours just to get into the game. It looked poised to be a massive, lasting, success.

However, just two weeks from launch the average player count has crashed by 43% from its peak. All games suffer a post-launch decline in player numbers but a 43% downturn is sharp.

As of October 13th, the average player count for Amazon's blockbuster was 521,353. The peak number of players playing via Steam was 913,027. This data was provided by Steam Charts, a website that tracks and shares public data provided by Steam's parent company Valve. That is a decrease of 43%.

An average player count of over 500,000 is still nothing to sneeze at but games rarely gain players from their post-launch peaks. It is not often that a game will recover lost player counts from a post-launch decline. There are times when players will return to a game to check out new content or participate in seasonal content. Generally, the trend is that once a game loses substantial numbers of players, it is extremely hard to get them to come back.

The decline already has some people on the official forums wondering if New World is simply a flash in the pan or if the game is here to stay as a force to be reckoned with for years to come. Amazon believes their game is a winner and plans to support it well into the future. Amazon Games has already begun to roll out patches, upgrades, and fixes this week to address players' biggest concerns.

The negative reviews and player testimonials on the game's Steam page have revealed that repetitive end game features, an overeager moderation policy, and lackluster solo content are some of the biggest reasons that people are leaving the game so early. Meanwhile, the official rating on Steam rose from Mixed to Mostly Positive in recent days showing that the people who are still playing the game are largely enjoying it.

For fans of the game, there are still dozens of packed servers and hundreds of thousands of players to interact with.

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