Nanbaka Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Nanbaka Season 3

After much anticipation and deliberation, fans might have their hopes crushed as the future sequels for the Nanbaka Anime don’t seem like a likely event at this point. Nanbaka Season 3 might have been one of the most heavily anticipated anime sequels, and it is a shame that what could have been a bright future might end in an abrupt and unfulfilled dead end. Here you will find everything that you need to know about the show so far.


Nanbaka came onto the scene in 2015 as a manga series that was masterfully written and illustrated by Soho Futamata. The storyline, plot, and characters were an instant hit amongst the readers. The hype and following that the series garnered caused it to be picked for an anime adaptation. The news of an anime was welcomed and appreciated by fans of the stories. The TV series finally saw its debut in 2016 and did not fail to live up to its expectations. The setting and characters retained their iconic value and overall was an enticing anime. The series was renewed without a second’s thought, and the second installment only added to the success of the show. With such a massive success, the questions over the series’ future are yet to be answered by the producers of the anime.

Nanbaka Season 3 Plot

Nanbaka has a commercial narrative, and its iconic characters and their personalities have captured the hearts of the anime’s enthusiasts. The story centers around four prisoners, Uno, Nico, Rock, and Jyugo, who are serving their sentence in one of Japan’s most secure prisons - Nanba. What follows is the hilarious mischief and misadventures inside of the inescapable and impenetrable prison.

Is Nanbaka Season 3 Arriving

It was uncharacteristic to see such a successful anime go dark and be on a hiatus for such a long period of time. The Studio State light gave the thumbs up and green-lighted for season 2 instantly but has been deafeningly silent regarding the third season. While it has not been officially canceled, and there are still hopes for renewal, the lack of information and updates is certainly disconcerting.

Creators say

Fans can take heart from the voice of the creators that have been almost reassuringly positive. Early back, when the second season 2 dropped, the official Twitter account of Nanbaka implored fans of the comedy anime to stream and support the show so that it successfully gets renewed and make Nanbaka Season 3 happen. They have hinted that the creators are looking forward to making more episodes for this fantastic show.

However, one of the major hurdles on that path has been the dearth of new material. This stems from the fact that the manga series published 8 volumes, and the writer has not published any new volumes in the last two years. The Anime’s first two seasons have explored the plot lines of the first 6 volumes already. This puts them in a particularly precarious position.

Reports say

Reports say that the Studio is interested in continuing the show but is putting production on hold in anticipation of new source material and volumes of the manga. Fans have voiced their opinion that even a short season to wrap the curtains conclusively on their beloved show would be appreciated. Even in the case of a shortened season 3, it would have to be the final season. So, unless there are new volumes from the manga, the future for a Nanbaka Season 3 doesn’t look promising.

Movie Adaptation

Recent rumors that have surfaced point at the possibility of the Nanbaka series being turned into a movie adaptation. This might be a terrific way to wrap up the show and give fans the farewell they deserve. The official creators are yet to tender comments on it. However, speculations around its likelihood seem to be well-founded. If at all a movie was made, it would follow the remaining plotline that remains in the last two volumes and be a great way to bow out. Whatever may be the case, fans will have to cross their fingers and hope that they see their favorite characters return to the screen in one form or the other.

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