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Ku Cha House of Tea in Boulder, Colorado Serves Boba to Cool you off this Summer

When ordering a Boba at Ku Cha don’t forget to pick one of the fatter and thicker straws for this sugary, creamy tea drink because if you don’t you can’t suck up the tapioca pearls.

Boba or bubble tea is available art Ku Char House of Tea for $5.40. The tea clerk said I could get any tea with Boba. I needed to know that because I rarely ever drink these things.

It’s funny the way Boba’s clog up the straw until you suck and suck and then, woosh! A big rush of tea and sugar come rushing in after.

What does it mean?

Ku Cha means bitter tea. A bunch of teas are for sale there in the first room you go into and then in the back is a sky lit atrium where you can choose to sit at a table or cross legged on a mat with a table.

Plug In Baby

The outlets are only where the mats are so I found myself cross legged to type up this blog post.


They have small trees and plants and even a vine growing in back in the atrium. The air conditioner is on in the tea store but not the back, which was a let down on the hot day I was ducking out from, at the time of this writing.


A sign in the back café atrium said, “Please be mindful or those around you and keep your volume down.”

A Meditative State

I guess you could meditate back here. That would be cool, but every once in a while a tourist comes through the back to marvel at the atrium. There’s a large fountain with traditional lanterns and several scrolls on the wall with lettering up and down them.

A Wooden Table

They have one wooden table that goes long ways like a table you’d see in the Lord of the Rings movie. Two chairs at the head and two benches long ways.

The Sun

There is a traditional styled entrance to the atrium that give it lots of flavor.

The colors in the room are red, violet, orange, black with traditional tables with black mats on a small wooden stage.

Sitting cross legged takes some getting used to, but I could probably get used to it. it would probably be good for my posture.

A swamp cooler kept buzzing off and on but it was not that bad.

When the sun peeked out through the storm clouds the whole place lit up in beautiful scene.

The Ku Cha House of Tea is a great place

Ku Cha House of Tea is a unique and peaceful place to stop by and drink tea.

Visit their website at Ku Cha House of Tea.

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