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Boulder on $20 Dollars A Day

Boulder, Colorado on the cheap, ya dig?

Disclaimer: This blog post mentions alcohol.

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Do you like coffee? You will if you want to survive on $20 bucks a day, you peasant, but if you like tea, usually that’s cheaper for a whole pot and unlimited water fill ups.

Cafes Pay-Layes!

Especially if you go to the Trident Cafe on Pearl St. where you can get their top shelf teas. They have a great selection of greens, so go in there and get your maximum leaf tea on.

Try going to Vic’s Again and for a $2.45 you can get a drip mug where you get one free refill.

Then you can do it all over again later at OZO on Pearl for $3.05 with one free refill.

Foodie Thoughts

Try Japango for Happy Hour 3- 6 PM and all day Monday.

I always get the California Roll and they are like $2 off normal price during Happy Hour.

Handrolls are $6 and I got a salmon one paired with a $6 Nitro Milk Stout and it was great! They also have Agedashi Tofu and Crispy Brussels for $6.

For Beers you can usually find a seasonal draft special for $5 and small hot sake for $6.

The Pub Bub

Near by, at the Pearl St. Pub, they have $4 beers for Happy Hour.

The Pearl St. Pub also has specials in their kitchen. Like for $9 the other night, at the time of this writing, I had a BBQ sandwich with fries and slaw.

Burrito Pro

Over at one café recently, at the time of this writing, I bought a pre-made chipotle sweet potato breakfast burrito for just $7.05.

Spruce Confections is at the end of Pearl, in North Boulder and two more locations in town. They supply a lot of baked goods and pastries to the cafés in Boulder, Colorado.

Free Beer Tomorrow

You’re going to need to carry a bottle around with you to get filled up just about anywhere. A good idea is to carry Emergen-C packets around or magnesium Calm.

Chips and Dip

Centro Restaurant has chips and salsa for $3. Their happy hour food is tasty AF, too.

The Soup Loop

You can find soup and chili in lots of places around town, but If you need a soup to keep you sustained you can find Dal over at Jaipur Indian Restaurant, off Pearl and Broadway, for $4.00. Their soup and salad and appetizer menu is cheap AF.


Abo’s, Cosmos, Bread Works are just some of the places where you can get a great slice. Whole Foods, too, has a pizza bar. Pizza Colore is a nice place to go, right across from the Court House on Pearl St.

If you need pizza to fill you up it’s easy to find a slice from $4–6 bucks somewhere and it very well could be vegan or vegetarian because that’s what people like in Boulder Town, u-no-watta-meen?

Spare Changing

Every once in a while you can find a friendly café that gives away their muffins and scones at closing time, but don’t count on it.

Boulder, Colorado is a conservative and fairly modern town now-a-days and you should not expect a handout here, but if you are in need, look up their emergency services and homeless shelters online.

Like A Boy Scout

Many a person without a roof has found themselves stranded in snowstorms during the winter in Boulder, Colorado. Don’t be like them. Be prepared when you arrive here! Like bring a jacket for the windy cold nights in this mountain.

Free Swimming

The Boulder Creek is fun for everyone. You can walk down the steps at Eben G. Fine Park and wade in and wash off or cold plunge, whether it’s summer or winter. Always a popular place to hike, sunbath and wade over at that place.

Free Entertainment

Wednesdays is music and the farmers market if you need to be around crowds in the summer. The walking mall bustles with locals and tourists bobbing their head to the bands.

Otherwise there are always street performers to watch if you need entertainment for free on the street of Pearl.


If you need something to do in Boulder just start walking. You will eventually find trail after trail after trail and there are plenty of places to take a nap in the green grass. Even outside on the lawn at the Court House is a popular spot in the summertime to soak it all in.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

You can find a dance party pretty easy in the Bolder Boulder. Often at the Bandshell they will have public entertainment like bands and on most nights, especially Thursday through Saturday, there are DJs and bands in coffee houses, bars and clubs. Often there is no cover charge.

The Biblio

Boulder’s Public Library is a great place to charge your phone and to log on to your laptop. Also there’s more opportunity to wade and sit on the grass by the creek. Plus, they got books and you can find my fiction book there, too! Just look it up in the Fiction section on the first floor. Easy Peesy!


Monday through Friday they have a free hour and a half meditation where you can sit in the Shrine Room at Shambala Hall. Zone out from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM and if you have a donation put it in the box.

Unity Church off Folsom St. has a ten minute meditation and a talk every Wednesday at 7 PM. Donations are asked for there if you want to spare a dime, brother.

Da Bus

You can buy an all day local pass at RTD for $6 or get a three hour local transfer when you pay $3. The bus is real easy to handle because all roads lead to Boulder as we like to say.

The Price You Pay

Boulder, Colorado, like anywhere else in 2022, at the time of this writing, is expensive, but here you luck out if you are the camping-rock-climbing-hiking- -hugging-yoga-hippie-type because there are many common souls you can meet here in that arena and most likely you will make friends for life in this weird and friendly hamlet.

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