8 Anime Creatures That You Would Definitely Want To Keep As Your Pets In Real Life

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(Still from "My Neighbor Totoro" by Studio Ghibli)

Have you ever had those moments where you stare at your cat and be like: why does my cat not have any wings or give me magic brooches just like Luna in Sailor Moon? If you do, you know you have watched too much anime.

Let's be honest - There are so many cute and fluffy creatures in anime that you want to drag them out from your computer and put them next to you in real life. Here is a list of my personal favorite anime pets - if you have not watched these shows yet, make sure you do because their cuteness will surely heal you after a long day.


(Still from "Shirokuma Cafe" by Studio Pierrot)

1. Panda - Shirokuma Cafe

Who doesn't like a panda? And who doesn't like a chubby talking panda? There are so many "aww" moments in the anime "Shirokuma Cafe." The main character, Panda, is a lazy and adorable character who loves eating bamboo - a LOT of bamboos. He has a part-time job at the zoo, which is basically showcasing himself as a panda every day. He loves all kinds of panda products. He also has a big dream, just like all of us - lying around and doing nothing all day long. And Panda knows very well that he is cute no matter whatever he does.

Shirokuma Cafe is such a healing and funny anime that you cannot miss. If you are ready to keep Panda as your pet, you'd better leave enough room for those bamboos he needs to eat every day.


(Still from Dibetagurashi)

2. Mr. Duck - Dibetagurashi (A Duck's Life)

90% of you probably have never even heard of this anime before, and I did not put the duck here just because it is the inspiration for my profile picture. Each episode is only 5 minutes long, and we call it "Instant Ramen Anime" in Chinese - that means by the time you finish one episode, your instant noodle will be ready to eat. Even though all the episodes are so short, it still couldn't hide Mr. Duck's charm.

All the characters in there are birds, including the clumsy main character, Mr. Duck. He will warn you about the fox hiding in the bush but forgets everything and gets hurt in the next minute. He is slow in reaction most of the time but sometimes suddenly becomes sharp and handsome for no reason. He is so genuine, cute, and easy to understand. It will be so fun to have this short-legged bird walking around my house.

By the way, if you are interested in learning some basic Japanese, this show is a great way to start.


(Still from Natsume Yuujin-Chou by Brain's Base)

3. Nyanko Sensei (Professor Cat) - Natsume Yuujin-Chou

You must be very familiar with the image of a Japanese fortune cat. Always waving its hands to attract more money, the fortune cat is usually put near the front door of houses and stores. If you do not know about the story of Natsume Yuujin-Chou, Nyanko Sensei is actually a mighty spirit that appears in the form of a fortune cat - he can turn back into a massive wolf-like creature at any time he wants. He always sits on Natsume's shoulder when Natsume travels to help other spirits. He is very talkative and complains a lot, but he cares about Natsume more than everyone else.

Fortune cat is usually made with porcelain, and what really blows my mind is that Nyanko Sensei is actually FLUFFY - yes, just like what you saw in the picture. He has furs just like normal cats. When Natsume blow-dries him, he turns into a big fluffy ball. Aw man, imagine having a real cat that is as chubby as Nyanko Sensei.


(Still from Inuyasha)

4. Kilala - Inuyasha

Kilala is just an ideal pet - loyal, cute, gentle, caring, smart, and playful. She eats fish and chases small creatures, just like a normal cat. She practices with her teammates to sharpen their skills and volunteers to be the target, even if it could hurt herself. She is a great traveling partner who can take you up in the sky. When you are in danger, she immediately turns into a tiger and protects you at all costs. Most importantly, she is the main transportation for her entire team. Just imagine skipping the real-life traffic with her flying up high above the city - I mean, do I need to say more about her?


(Still from Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun by Lerche)

5. Mokke - Jibaku Shounen Hanako Kun

These bunny-like little pink monsters are just too cute to have around you even though they steal your candies all the time and can be very annoying. They might cause trouble in your life, but who cares? My cat is eating my plant right now while I am writing this.

If you have not watched this anime, you should go right now and listen to their voice. It will melt your heart, I promise.


(Still from My Little Monster by Brain's Base)

6. Nagoya - My Little Monster

This might look like a normal chicken to you and probably the weirdest pet you could think of. In the story, Nagoya is actually Haru, the main character's closest friend. Haru is considered an outsider and a weirdo at school. Everyone is afraid of him, and he fights with almost everyone. Nagoya is the only one who stays with him all the time and listens to his complaints. Even though it can't speak human languages like other anime animals, Haru still considers Nagoya his soul mate.

At the end of the story, everyone is all grown up. Haru is getting married, and he still holds Nagoya in his hands. Please, no one questions Nagoya's age here - he is the real bro.


(Still from Doraemon)

7. Doraemon - Doraemon

This might sound cliche - but you have to admit that everyone wants a Doraemon. Not because of its cuteness, but because of its pocket that hides hundreds of useful tools - a door that could take you anywhere, the "memory bread" that could help you remember everything from the textbook, time travel machine, the telephone booth that grants you any wish, etc. You name it, and he has it.

It might be too lame to call him a "pet," even though he is technically a cat. He is just a really great friend to have.


(Still from "My Neighbor Totoro" by Studio Ghibli)

8. Totoro - My Neighbor Totoro

What else do I need to talk about Miyazaki? Every character he creates is so lively and charming, and Totoro is my favorite one for sure. If you have never dreamed of taking a nap on Totoro's belly, you should rewatch this film and think about it again. He is just like a gigantic plush. And of course, the cat bus he owns is also incredibly fluffy.

Totoro is such a warm-hearted and sweet creature that is almost every kid's imaginary friend. He appears when you need him, goes away silently, and watches you from afar.

What other anime pets would you want to keep in real life? Leave the comments down below and let me know. In the next blog, I will soon recommend a list of spicy anime openings/endings that are great to jam during driving. Stay tuned to the Goose Weeb Channel!

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