How I Manifested a date with an NBA player

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No, this is not clickbait. This really happened.

If you read my first article, you read how I love the Law of Attraction and believe if more people believed in it, the world would be a happier place.

Well, I was in a good place and my friend and I went to visit another friend and I mentioned how I needed to go to the library to get a good book to read, and she told me she had one. Well, friend #1 handed me the book, The Secret, and I laughed at it, but agreed to read it and try it out the way Friend #1 suggested. When I got home and started to read the book, I would laugh out loud and yell in the other room at friend #2 the absurd stuff the book was telling me to think or do. 'So, all I have to do is believe that what I want will come to me, and it will?' Heck yeah, I am going to try this, I laughed to myself while wondering if this was really true.
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So I tried it. Every night I went to work( I worked at a Casino) and this player (he is now retired) would come in with one of the best players to ever play in the NBA, Michael Jordan. So I said to myself, self, you are going to see if this law of attraction is a real thing, so if it is, this person (I will not name his name) will come in the casino and he will recognize me. He will walk past and he will deliberately look at me and smile. Well, because I was always happy to see him when he did come in with Michael Jordan, guess what he did? He walked past and looked directly at me, and smiled. Now, that seems like nothing, but there are tons of women who work at the casino, for him to notice me was something. Also, he never looks our way. He never entertained us with the thought that he was looking for anything but a good gambling experience while at our casino. So when that happened, I hurried and told friend #2, (we all worked together) and she was excited by now. We agreed to really test the LOA, I was going to ask the universe for my player to call me. I wanted to talk with him on the phone. So a week or two go by, I see him at the casino while I am at work, but we do not have any interaction. That is until one day I was working in a different part of the casino, and friend #2 calls me on the work phone. She says hey, I have someone here that wants to talk to you. Before I can ask who, I hear the most amazing, deep, sensual voice on the other end of the line. My feet and mouth and everything froze at one time. When I heard him say hello? again, I managed to say hello. He went on to tell me who he was, and that he was told that I was his biggest fan. Friend #1 went as far as to tell him about how I saw him doing a basketball camp at my small town when I was in high school many years ago. He told me how he would love to meet me and wanted me to come out and introduce myself to him. I was terrified. What if he saw me, he did not like me, or was not sure of who I was? As I was thinking that, he said, I think I know you, are you the young lady that always wears a flower in her hair? That was me, now I see why I started wearing that flower. Excited I told him that I would come out, but you know what? I never did. I never had another interaction with him because the law of attraction showed up so fast with my true desire, that it scared me. It was the first time I had DELIBERATELY tried to create anything. And boy, did the Universe show up for me!

I missed my opportunity, only because I am married now, and so is he. I would not want to hurt and anyone, so I have made peace with that opportunity passing me by. I find comfort in knowing I stood out and had a brief encounter with an NBA player. I wanted to go on a date, but could not truly SEE that, so I did not request it. If I could have truly felt that, truly desired it, I am 1000% the LOA would have delivered, because it already showed me that He and I were on the same positive, high frequency.

I said all of this to say, the LOA works. Get clear on what you want in your mind and ask our Source Energy for it. What do you have to lose? Nothing.

Tune in tomorrow for another positive story from somewhere around the globe. Spread love and vibrate high!

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