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Nurse Adopts Patient's Dog So He Can Keep Seeing His Pet While He Is Hospitalized

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In Rome, New York, nurse Jennifer noticed that she had a patient that needed more than rehabilitation, he needed the love, kindness, and companionship that only his dog could provide him with.
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On one of her regular shifts, RN Jennifer learned that one of her patients was forced to relinquish his dog to the Rome Humane Society while he recovered at the Adult Day Healthcare Center. Without skipping a beat she knew that in order for the patient to be able to recover and be rehabilitated he needed something that the hospital simply could not provide him with; the love, kindness, and companionship that only a man's best friend can provide.

Jennifer decided that it was her duty as a nurse to adopt the dog who belonged to John, her patient at the Adult Day Healthcare Center in Rome, New York. In order to make his transition and his recovery smoother, John needed something a little extra.

For many people, a dog is their only family. Somebody who they can rely on, somebody who is always there, and somebody who, for people who struggle with human connection, can provide them with love and companionship. For John, that is his sweet terrier.

Now, Jennifer brings John's dog to visit him while he completes his rehab. Being in the hospital is hard enough but during the holidays and giving up your dog to be there is a completely heartbreaking struggle. Luckily, John's angel, Jennifer, was there to lend a much-needed helping hand.

Thank you for your kindness, Jennifer!

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