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UPS Driver Has a Special Delivery - A Woman’s Lost Dog

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Probably not what you'd expect on your UPS delivery truck...

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Darrell Slack was in the midst of his holiday rush, making deliveries in December is always pretty hectic for UPS, but this December was a little bit different. As he was on his usual route, a resident of the neighborhood he was in, Paula Odom, flagged him down and alerted him that she had lost her dog earlier that day.

Darrell Slack didn't hesitate, "I just told her, 'We'll find him'," Slack said in the video below. Paula Odom was in tears, explaining that she thought that she'd never see her Jack Russel Terrier, Pete, again.

Slack continued on his usual route but was in an incredibly remote area when he spotted Pete in his peripheral vision. Using the dog biscuits that he keeps in his truck to befriend neighborhood dogs on his delivery route, he was able to lure Pete out of the woods, gain his trust, and get him into his UPS truck.

Unable to immediately return to Odom's home because he had to complete his deliveries, he had a new co-pilot and companion, Pete, in his truck. Feeling right at home, Pete settled in for a day of deliveries with his new pal, Darrell.

After he finished his shift, there was one more stop to make. Slack turned his UPS truck around and headed right back to Odom's home to bring the most special delivery of all, Pete.

"As he held Pete in his arms I just about collapsed," Odom explained in the video below. "I was overjoyed."

Watch the full video below:

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