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Young Girl With Special Needs Forms Special Bond With Kind Sanitation Worker

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"You are the best part of my day!"
Emma Grace and Elbert Berry by Laura Johnson

Emma Grace has a fascination with big trucks, so when the garbage truck pulls up to her home on Tuesdays and Fridays, she sits at the front window and waves at the driver. To her surprise, one day Elbert Berry was driving the big truck and he began waving back at her.

"Oh, she loves him. She loves him, and he loves her, too," explained Emma's mother, Laura.

What was a budding fascination with the garbage truck soon became a love for the man inside. When in-school learning resumed, Emma Grace wanted to bring her new friend to school with her each day. She asked Elbert to take a photo with her so she could carry him with her to and from classes. Elbert's photo was a huge comfort to sweet Emma Grace.

Emme Grace then made a birthday card for Elbert, "The baby made me a birthday card, a handmade birthday card," Elbert said. "It said, 'I love you,' and she stuck the picture inside."

Elbert wanted to return the kind favor so he made Emma a necklace with the picture that she holds so near and dear to her during her long days of in-person schooling. Engraved on the necklace Elbert wrote, "You are the best part of my day."
Laura Johnson

"When he gave her the necklace his face just lit up. He was so proud to give it to her and make her smile," Johnson explained, "And it made me think that he was the kind of person who should be celebrated, but probably more important than that, he is the kind of person we should all try to be more like."

Johnson's words ring true, we should all try to emulate the kind, wonderful person that Elbert is.

Check out the video below:

We love you, Elbert!

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