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Local Bagel Shop Owner Shaves His Head to Show Customer That She's Not Alone

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Megan and Sam / Credit: Jenn Ragucci

10-year-old Megan Ragucci has Alopecia Universalis and has been living with her diagnosis since the first grade. At times, living with her diagnosis has been difficult. Her mother explained, "She can't go anywhere without someone staring or asking if she's sick," so when a kind bagel shop owner approached Megan to tell her that he wanted to shave his head to match hers, her mother was blown away.

Megan has, unfortunately, experienced some of the world's judgment and unkindness, so when somebody so selflessly reached out with a gesture that is solely from the heart, it truly moved her and her family. Sam Aggarwal, the owner of Sunrise Bagels in Wyckoff, decided that he didn't want Megan to feel alone. She and her mother, Jenn, are frequent customers at his bagel shop so he felt comfortable enough approaching them with the idea.

"Sam and his wife did this purely out of kindness," Jenn explained. "They didn't want any attention or anything out of it, just a smile from Meg was enough. This couple is a beautiful couple with the most genuine hearts."

Sam, Jenn, and Meg decided to meet up at a local barbershop where Sam would have his head shaved by a family friend.

Megan and Sam / Credit: Jenn Ragucci

Needless to say, Sam and Meg look amazing and the kindness and love that radiates out of their smiles could change lives. It just goes to show that one act of kindness can truly change somebody's day and make them feel less alone in a world that has felt so divided as of late.

Thanks for being an incredible example, Sam!

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