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This Retired Banker Has Devoted His Fortune to Restoring Protected Sand Dunes on Island Beaches

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His love for these beautiful beaches may be unmatched...

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Every so often you go somewhere so beautiful that the beauty touches your soul. That's what happened when Mr. Robertson stepped onto the island beaches of Tybee Island, in Georgia. The sand dunes that populate these beaches were manmade in order to protect natural ecosystems from environmental disasters. If the dunes did not exist, these small island beaches simply wouldn't survive.

The dunes protect the island beaches against sea-level rise and storms that threaten the fragile ecosystems here, and without Mr. Robertson's help, the rebuild of these valuable and precious sand dunes simply would not have been possible.

Mr. Robertson donated $15 million dollars to provide over 50 cubic yards of sand to the beaches of Tybee Island, Georgia. The rebuild, though costly, was extremely necessary because according to scientists, climate change is causing a rise in stronger storm surges as well as devastating sea-level rise.

Robertson's restoration, which included two off-shore parking lots, was so well received and so desperately needed that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration asked him to write a book on the best practices for beach restoration. Many scientists have explained that Robertson's kindness and love for the environment are years ahead of the rest of the world.

Many other beaches facing environmental devastation turn to levee systems, dykes, seawalls, and floodgates, which may work however they also cause more devastation to the already degrading beaches. Mr. Robertson explained that instead of turning to less environmentally friendly solutions, he wanted to make a change while also being able to view these beautiful natural resources.

He has since bought a home and joined the beach task force in Tybee Island, Georgia where he devotes his time, energy, and fortune to protecting the beautiful beaches he calls home.

Thank you, Mr. Robertson, if only there were more people like you!

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