Landowner Protests metal detecting on land he does not own

We went out on a beautiful Virginia day exploring for treasure. As usual, we did some research to figure out a good spot. Having that in hand, we hit the water for some underwater treasure hunting. I tried to park the boat in an area that I thought wouldn't bother anyone. Well, that wasn't the case. This guy who came down the bank was livid. It didn't matter who owned the water, he didn't want us there. He was going to protest no matter what. When this happens you, better know the law and you better know that you are right! Well, knowing the law, no amount of protesting was going to stop us from treasure hunting.

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I am a treasure hunter and explorer focus on bringing a new perspective on history! Through this channel you will find videos that focus on single historical events to larger time periods as we recover items of the past!

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