10 Reasons You Should Spay/Neuter Your Dog


Spaying or neutering are surgical procedures on dogs where reproductive organs are removed. It is also known as surgical sterilization of a dog. If you have a dog, why you should consider this procedure. Here are ten reasons why you should spay/neuter your dog.


10 Reasons You Should Spay/Neuter Your Dog

1. Lower Infections Risk

Uterine infections may result in cancer cells. Spaying your female dog lowers the risk of such life-threatening infections. Recommended age may differ with breeds, and some tests need to be run to ascertain conditions and medications she may need. You may want to consider visiting her vet for an assessment and advice on how to best proceed.

2. Eliminated Bleeding

Your female dog won't have to experience bleeding any longer as she will not enter the heat cycle after spaying. You will no longer be concerned about excessive blood loss that may occur during the time, dehydration as a result of the mess that comes with bleeding.

3. Cancer Prevention

Neutering may help to prevent testicular cancer and other prostate-related problems in the male. Dogs over 6 years of age can develop Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH), which is an enlarging of the prostate gland which produces seminal fluid. If enlarged; the passing of urine and stool is affected causing disharmony in hormones; thereby possibly causing cancer.

4. Reduced Aggressiveness

Spaying may help reduce aggressive tendencies and behaviors in male dogs. This is largely due to eliminated or less testosterone production after neutering.

5. Increased Life Expectancy

Your dog may enjoy a longer life because of a reduced risk of catching infections. This means you get to enjoy more precious moments with your dog as a result.

6. Population Control

Spaying helps to control the dog population. Unfortunately, not all puppies are nurtured and loved. Some are taken to a pound, but not all find a forever home. In extreme cases, several then have to be put down because of strain on resources.

7. Less Monitoring

You will enjoy not having to watch your dog’s move as he will no longer be on heat. When your dog has the urge to mate, he or she will find a way to wriggle out of your attention by digging escape holes or jumping over fences. Spaying your dog means you can relax.

8. Avoid Pseudo Pregnancy

A pseudopregnancy is where a dog behaves as if she is pregnant-even showing some signs of it though won’t be. The elevated hormones during that stage may affect metabolic development and cause health issues later on such as womb infections. Spaying her will help avoid such an unfortunate.

9. Prevent Genetic Diseases

Genetic dispositions such as cardiac and orthopedic conditions are high risk when in-breeding occurs. The affected puppies then have to go through sometimes painful procedures to rectify these. Spaying your dog may reduce such risks.

10. Save Money

The fact that spaying your dog may prevent several health issues, you may get to save money. You will initially spend money when you get your dog spayed, but in the long-run, you might avoid several medical bills.

The Advantages of Spaying

Spaying your dog may result in quality life and longevity. Your dog may be a happier pet and you can also relax without having to worry about cleaning up during heat periods as well as controlling your dog. It is a procedure that is worth considering.

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