10 Ways A Dog Can Change Your Life


Just as your touch, care, and nurturing have a significant impact on your dog, your life also changes when you form a beautiful rapport with your dog. You may begin to wonder just how you went through life without your dog. Let’s take a look at 10 ways that this gem can change your life.


10 Ways A Dog Can Change Your Life

Increased Activity

Daily exercise is crucial for your dog’s wellness. You get to enjoy being active with your dog by taking walks, playing in the park, playing hide and seek as well as tug for instance. As your dog exercises, so do you.

You Explore More

Dogs enjoy exploring their environment which means you get to join in on the fun. You may start to discover areas in your neighborhood that you may have otherwise not visited. You may be amazed at what you discover as a result.

Bigger Social Circle

You may find yourself gravitating more towards other dog owners. Your social circle may expand as you share common spaces such as dog parks, at the vet, and training classes.

More Smiles

You can’t help but smile when you are with or think of your dog. The cuddles you share games you play and the mischief you witness, are all moments that tug at your heart-strings and make you smile.

You Become A Teacher

Your dog will rely on you to show him or her life ropes. From leash training, potty training, socialization skills, and house training; you become your dog’s trusted teacher.

Added Responsibilities

From the minute you wake up to when you head for bed, your dog’s well-being rests on your shoulders. Your furry friend has needs including grooming, a clean space, entertainment, food, cuddles, vet visits, and socialization.

Improved Communication Skills

Having a dog means constantly reading and learning to understand your dog’s cues and messages. Your dog will equally learn to understand your requests and conversations. Together, your communication skills are sharpened.

Increased Patience

You may experience moments with your dog that aren’t pleasant. Your dog may delight in chewing on your favorite pair of shoes or tugging at your drapes. Such moments encourage patience as you lovingly re-direct your dog to more acceptable activities.

Constant Protection

Dogs are very protective of their owners. Whether you are sick, or in danger, or sleeping, or simply are up and about; your dog remains alert and can communicate for help if needed.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is displayed by your dog regardless of how you feel. Your dog will be by your side whether you are happy, sad, anxious, or simply tired. You get to share the love unconditionally as you reciprocate the gestures.

Your Furry Companion

Each moment you share with your dog is a life-changing moment. The moments added together make for a lifetime of inexplicable joy, countless smiles, appreciated responsibility, protection, and active life, and unconditional love. Imagining life without such a furry companion becomes almost impossible. A dog is a life-altering addition to the home.

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