Can Dogs Eat Oranges?


Does your furry friend love oranges? Are they safe for them. Yes, dogs can eat oranges. They are delicious and are fine for dogs in very small quantities.

Are Oranges Safe for Dogs?

Oranges are full of healthy nutrients and are safe for dogs to eat. You can offer oranges to your furry friends as an occasional treat. Some dogs do not like the strong citrus smell.

Benefits of Oranges for Dogs

Oranges are not dangerous for dogs but there are no major health benefits for dogs for eating oranges. However, oranges may give limited health benefits to dogs on some occasions.

● Oranges are rich in vitamin C and potassium.
● Oranges contain fiber that can relieve your dog from uncomfortable constipation.
● They are low in sodium. The juicy flesh of an orange can be a delicious treat for your
dog, but in limited quantity.

● Vitamin C in oranges can benefit your dog's immune system.

Can dogs eat orange peels?

Orange peels are not toxic for dogs. If your dog has eaten an orange peel, the chances are that he will be fine. However, they are tough for dogs to digest. Orange peels can become lodged in your dog’s digestive tract and may require surgery to correct. They can even cause an upset stomach.
Some dogs will eat anything you put in front of them including the orange peel. However, not all dogs enjoy the taste of an orange peel.
Make sure you peel the orange before giving it to your dog. Remember to remove all the seeds as well. Vets also recommend to offer only the orange flesh, without seeds and peel.

Risks of feeding oranges to dogs
While oranges are not toxic to dogs, there are a few things you should keep in mind when feeding them to your dog as a snack.
● Oranges have a moderate sugar content. If taken in excess, they can potentially cause GI upset.
● They can potentially cause GI upset if your dog eats too much.
● Natural sugar in or anges means extra calories. They are not suitable for overweight or
diabetic dogs.

Impawtant Pet Parent Reminder: Stop feeding your dog oranges immediately if you notice any unusual behavior.

Even if your furry companion loves oranges and shows no symptoms of adverse reactions, you should limit its intake of oranges. Offer no more than 10 percent of its daily calories. Limiting his oranges intake can help prevent digestive upset and weight gain.

If you want to try giving your dog an orange, a good idea to start slowly to see how your furry pal's stomach reacts. Remember to remove the orange peel and seeds. Offer only in small amounts as an occasional treat.

Does your dog enjoy oranges as a special treat?

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