Tips On How To Manage Dog Shedding


Dogs Shed! It’s part of dog ownership to deal with dog shedding. Many dogs like golden retriever breeds are heavy shedders. While you cannot stop your dog from normal shedding, there are several ways you can reduce the amount your dog sheds; so you can spend more quality time together instead of cleaning.

Dog Shedding

Dog shedding is normal and vital for the new coats to grow in. Dog fur or hair grows in seasonal cycles. When it reaches a ‘genetically determined length’, it stops growing and falls out; this process is known as shedding. Fur keeps your dog’s body temperature regulated and plays an essential role in helping your dog’s skin from the sun, heat, cold, and more.

Tips to Manage Dog Shedding

1. Brush Routine: Make a habit to brush your dog’s fur on a regular basis especially if you have a dog like a Golden Retriever. It is also important to use the proper brushing tool.

2. Bathe Often: Bathing loosens and removes fur that’s ready to be shed. Regular bathing also keeps your dog’s coat healthy, reduces allergies, lessens the chance of infection and diminishes the spread of dirt and germs in your home.

3. Nutrition + Supplement: With proper nutrition, your dog will have a healthy, shinny coat, and minimize shedding. Also, incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids not only reduces shedding, but can contribute to your dog's overall health.

4. Proper Hydration: Dehydration will cause your dog's fur to be more brittle which will lead to excessive shedding. It is important that your dog always has access to fresh drinking water.

Reduce Pet Hair in Your Home

5. Clean Home = Happy Dog
If you live with a dog, it’s unavoidable not to have fur in your home. Cleaning your dog’s fur should not be frustrating. Remember your dog “emits fibers of joy and love.”

Do you have a dog that shed a lot? How do you manage your dog shedding?

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