Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday


Your dog’s birthday is coming up - do you have any plans? There is no better time of year to devote a day to honor your dog and all they mean to you.

Why Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday?

That fuzzy pal means a lot to you! They’ve been with you through the thick and thin, providing constant companionship and love. The answer to “why celebrate your dog’s birthday” is an easy one! Because you love them, and we celebrate the ones we love.

Do dogs know it's their birthday?

Though research shows that dogs aren’t receptive that their birthday is coming up (even if you constantly remind them), they do have senses beyond our awareness!

Dogs have precise circadian rhythms and incredible skills at reading environmental cues. You’ve probably realized this by the way your dog starts whining at the same time every day for his/her dinner. So, your dog might not know it’s his/her birthday, but he/she probably catch on that there’s something to celebrate.


How to celebrate your dog’s birthday?

There are so many ways to show your dog you care. The best thing you can do is think of what your dog love the most, and following that clue! Read below for some inspiring suggestions.

1. Prepare Your Dog A Special Meal

Mix up a special barkday meal by sprucing up your dog's bowl! You can add some swirls of peanut butter, fresh vegetables, and fruits. How about a special Turkey-Spinach mini Meatballs. Check the recipe here.

2. Make It A Day About Your Dog

What is your dog’s favorite thing to do? Chase squirrels in the backyard, visit the dog park, or play fetch? Whatever they enjoy the most, plan it in throughout the day.

3. Take Your Dog Shopping

Take a trip with your pup to your local dog store and let them pick out their birthday present! It is a very special day to indulge, go ahead and let your dog have that huge chewy stick or bone.

4. Throw Your Dog A Barkday Pawty

Send out invites ahead of time to all of your dog’s best pals. Then, go all out for a pup-central party! We’re talking party hats, treat bags, too many tennis balls to count, and loads of playtime.

5. Make a Homemade Pupcake or Biscuits

Have you ever baked a pupcake or biscuits for your dog? Find a dog-friendly dog treat receipes, like this one: Peanut Butter Banana Dog Cakes, and put your baking skills to the test.

6. Give Your Dog A Memorable Style

A sweet tradition to start: each year on your dog's birthday, gift your dog with a new neck bandana. You’ll have a great collection after a few years!

7. Give Your Dog A Refreshing Spa Day

If your dog loves baths, treat them with a soothing scrub, massage, condition fur, and end with a special birthday biscuit.

8. Take Your Dog on a Special Adventure

Take your dog on a fun car ride adventure.

9. Cuddle on the Couch With Your Dog

For your non-active or senior dog. Plan to spend lots of time on the couch cuddling.

10. Woofs for Barkday Photos!

Commemorate your dog’s celebration by taking lots of photos.

Time To Celelbrate Your Dog's Birthday

You’ve got a lot of ideas to work with and now you know the answer to “why celebrate your dog’s birthday”! Time to start planning a fun day of dedication! But know that if all you can get together is some extra cuddles, they’ll be just as happy.

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