3 Important Myths About Fleas and Ticks


There are so many myths about fleas and ticks. As a pet parent, it is very important for you to know and understand these misconceptions.


3 Important Myths About Fleas and Ticks

1) Cold Weather Kills Fleas and Ticks
There will be a decrease of fleas and ticks presence during colder months. However …

a) Fleas thrive above 65 degrees in which they find homes as a perfect winter sanctuary.

b) Ticks find refuge too in warm locations and capable of surviving cold temperatures especially when they are able to find a host to feed from.

Fleas and Ticks prevention is essential throughout the year.

2) City Pets Don’t Get Fleas and Ticks
Many city pets travel and therefore import fleas and ticks back into the city. Ticks live in the ground, tips of grasses, shrubs and foliage. There are also wildlife in the city that bring fleas and ticks.

3) Indoor Cats Don’t Get Fleas and Ticks
Many cats are strictly indoors and do not need pn a preventive because they are not a risk. Yes, their risk is lower but pesky fleas and ticks can find a way to get into your home. Protect your indoor cats.
Safety Reminder: Read labels carefully to make sure you are using a product that is labeled for use in cats. Cats can become very ill and even die from an incorrect application of dog flea and tick treatment.

Every pet parent needs to be aware of these myths in order to maintain their pets’ good health and well being.

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