5 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog


Obedience training is an important part of any dog’s life. A well-mannerd dog is a happy dog.


5 Reasons You Should Train Your Dog

1. Interaction with Others
Your dog learns from every interaction with you and with the environment. Wouldn’t you like him to learn to make good and safe choices with a thoughtful program? For instance, if your dog jumps on people to greet them, and then gets pushed off, or told “no”, he is being reinforced for jumping up because he gets the attention that he is seeking. It is so much better to only give him attention when he is sitting for a greeting.

2. Bonding
Training using rewards is incredibly bonding for you and your dog. A great benefit, considering that you will be living together for hopefully many years. Training together creates clear communication- We speak a different language than dogs, but they are always trying to interpret us anyway. Why not make it easier on you both and find those words or signals that you both know so that there is no confusion?

3. Safety
Training can literally save your dog’s life. See that potentially poisonous mushroom? Leave-it saves the day. Someone left the door open, and your dog is following you into traffic? Stay can save lives. Are there little kids or frail seniors in your social circle? Off or even better, sit to greet, can prevent falls and injuries. A reliable recall can get your dog to your side and out of trouble in no time. Yes, these things take effort and time but are a very worthwhile investment.

4. Well-Mannered
Having a trained dog means that he gets to be a bigger part of your life- A well-mannered dog would be much more welcome at your friend’s house, at social gatherings, and other places where you like to go to have fun. Often, a reliable recall is enough to get the ball rolling for “Dog is Copilot” trips.

5. Your dog will love it!
Positive-reward based training is using games and equates to making it incredibly fun for both you. Marker training encourages dogs to enjoy the learning interaction, become more confident, and can produce speedy results. Training should absolutely NEVER involve the use of force, pain, or fear. That means NO shock collars, NO prong collars, and NO choke collars, no hitting, no yelling, and no actions that could harm your dog or your relationship.

Do you train your dog? Make training work for you and your dog. Incorporate training commands into your dog’s everyday life.

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