3 Essential Commands Every Dog Should Know


There are many dog commands that you can teach your dog, but there are a few essential basic commands that every dog should know. Teaching basic dog training commands will make both you and your dog happier and your relationship stronger.


3 Essential Basic Commands Every Dog Should Know

1. SIT is the easiest to teach and the foundation to learn other commands.
How to teach your dog to sit?
a) Stand in front of your dog while holding a treat 2 to 4 inches above his nose.

b) Move the treat toward the back of your dog’s head.

c) As soon as your dog sits, praise him and provide the treat.

Optional: Pair the voice command “sit” with a hand signal. After your dog knows the vocal command, you can start to wean off the treats and use only the hand signal. The hand gesture for sit command is simple; have your palm facing the sky at your chest and move your hand in an upward motion.

2. DOWN is taught as soon as your dog has mastered the sit command. Teaching your dog the down command provides the foundation for many other advanced commands. Most importantly it helps establish you as the leader in the relationship you share with your dog. The down command is very handy especially when you and your dog are in a potentially unsafe situation. The down also keeps your dog calm in stressful situations.

How to teach your dog the down command?
a) Get your dog to sit while holding a treat about an inch in front of his nose.

b) Say the verbal command down and while luring your dog into a lying down position.

c) When your dog is all the way down (truly down and on their side), praise him and provide a treat.

3. STAY command means don’t move from a sit or down position until released. Stay is a vital basic command your dog should know.

Every dog (and owners too) must be proficient to these three basic commands and be trained to execute anywhere/anytime. These essential training commands could one day save your dog’s life. Does your dog know these three basic commands?

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