Soothing Nature Sounds Can Help Your Dog Sleep


Dogs are flexible sleepers but an average dog needs up to 14 hours of sleep a day. For some dogs that experience stress and anxiety may struggle to sleep.

One effective way to help your dog sleep well is with soothing nature sounds. By playing the sounds of wind rustling trees, birds singing, and water gently trickling, you’ll find your dog will snooze a lot more soundly.

4 Ways How Soothing Nature Sounds Can Help Your Dog Sleep

1) Nature Sounds Lower Stress Levels
Dogs can become stressed by a number of things, including unfamiliar environments, separation, and unpleasant noises. Fortunately, soothing nature sounds can help dog sleep patterns and gently lowering stress levels.

2) Nature Makes Consistent Sounds
Nature sounds offer a gentle noise level. The sounds have a consistency that lets your dog know there’s no threat.

3) Nature Sounds are a Pleasant Pitch
Some dogs are sensitive to extreme high pitches. It can be scary too. When leaving the television or radio in the background for your dog to calm down, it is important to choose the right sounds; like playing sounds of nature. These nature sounds exist within a pleasant pitch that helps your dog feel more comfortable, happy, and well-rested.

4) Natural Sounds Have a Restful Tempo
Another theory about how nature sounds can help dog sleep habits is to do with the tempo. Studies showed that fast tempo music such as heavy metal can stimulated a dog’s energy of excitement, fear, and anxiety. While classical music tempo shows a drop in dog’s energy level. Much of classical music was inspired by nature, so the two have a similarly relaxing tempo. If nature sounds for dogs aren’t enough, try combining both; just like our 2 Minutes Soothing Bird Sounds video.

Dogs go through different stages of sleep (depending on age and energy level) but sleep is essential to your dog’s mental and physical well-being. Creating a relaxing environment is important. Playing soothing nature sounds, reassuring sounds of birds, rivers, and gentle breezes can help to make your dog sleep well.

We invite you to put this theory into practice and explore soothing nature sounds for your dog. You might just see a rapid improvement in your dog’s sleeping habits, not to mention their health and overall happiness.

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