Breathtaking Seattle Wheels!

This experience threw me off because I thought it was going to be like any other dreary day in Seattle, going to a basic tourist attraction. But boy, was I wrong. Walking towards the Seattle wheel, I believe it was one of the hottest days in Seattle - the sun was barely setting around 7-8 pm. I wanted to get in and out! But what transpired made this one of the biggest highlights of my summer. My friend is a photographer and it was her son's first time. It was beautiful, breathtaking for multiple reasons. Seeing it through a little boy's eyes, his delight and commentary made it that much more fun. Seeing the contrast of the dark city and the vast, delicate lake views. Capturing moments on the Ferris such as when the sun was literally setting was...unbelievable. I was awe-struck with an overwhelming amount of gratitude, it felt and was a spiritual experience. It reminds me that there are glimpses of hope in the midst of hardship.

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