Seattle Bouldering Project: the BEST climbing gyms!

The Seattle Bouldering Project is the GOLD STANDARD for climbing gyms.

Why? Allow me to list the ways:

1. A huge variety and number of easy to identify, color-coded short to long routes featuring well-padded floors, a combination of holds and volumes on walls that are less than vertical to overhangs.

2. Routes for all skill levels. As an older man, easily in the lower 10% in terms of what I can get up, at my level I can climb a series of different routes emphasizing different types of problems until my arms fall off without having to repeat one.

3. Routes set in close proximity offer the opportunity to work an increasing level of difficulty for the same type of problem.

4. Extras, like a full weight room, locker rooms, saunas, a place to eat, climbing areas for kids, affordable shoe and chalk bag rentals, and climbing appropriate music (yea there is such a thing).

5. Long hours. I can go in before work at 6 am and have the place to myself, or I meet my daughter and climb with a big friendly crowd until 11 in the evening.

6. The place is huge. On the most crowded night, it's still easy to get on a route with little to no waiting.

So what's wrong? Well, there's the parking... if you arrive at prime time on busy nights you might have to park 5 minutes away. Bummer.

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