5 Benefits of Using Organic and Natural Skincare

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Organic and natural continue to be two of the more popular marketing buzzwords today. While one word is often used distinctly from the other, when put together, they refer to anything that is from nature, is grown or produced without chemicals or any artificial agents, and is not heavily processed as natural. While it is easy to “go green” with your salsa, going the same route for skincare is an entirely different conversation. After all, you have long trusted the standard products churned out by your favorite brands over the years, and they seem to suit you just fine -- or do they really? Are products alone even enough for your skincare needs? Get the skinny on the benefits of caring for your skin the natural and organic way and know that you need not compromise.

Check out the 5 Benefits of Using Organic and Natural Skincare below.


Let’s focus on the synthetic products that you use. You have your face and body washing liquids, creams, serums, face oils, moisturizers, and many other “skin-saving” products. The more complicated your routine, the more products you use, and the more chemicals of each product you allow your face to absorb on a daily basis. According to an article published in the Australian Academy of Science, a typical product (be it makeup or skincare), has anywhere between 15 to 50 ingredients. Do the math and you will be astounded as to the extent of your skin’s exposure to chemicals. When absorbed by your skin, some of these ingredients find their way into your bloodstream. These harmful add-ons, which include parabens, phthalates, and triclosan, disrupt hormone functions, can increase the risk of cancer, and damage the liver, kidney, lungs, and reproductive organs. The worrisome list goes on. 

The more natural and organic your products’ ingredients are, the less exposed your body is to chemicals, and the healthier you will be.


The conclusion is this: the more natural and organic your skincare products are, the less harmful they will be -- not just for your skin but for your overall health as well. So natural and organic products are safe for you. But then you may want to push the envelope and ask, “are they of any actual good to your skin?” Because plants that are organically grown have more antioxidants than non-organic ones, it would be logical to assume that skincare products that have these as ingredients would weigh heavier in the phytonutrient-polyphenol scale in contrast to products that are made up of synthetic components. Organic products have also been found to have an active ingredient composition of up to 95%, whereas their non-organic counterparts are deemed to have a measly 5% to 10%, with a large bulk made up of preservatives. Active ingredients are those that actually work to produce the desired effect on your skin. This means that organic products are not just safe but can also do wonders for your skin.


The harmful effects of chemicals in synthetic skin care products do not just stop with you. Many of the toxic ingredients end up in our oceans. In the same way that these noxious substances affect human health, they also threaten marine life by causing genetic abnormalities and many other diseases in aquatic organisms, including cancer. The water from our oceans also seeps into the land that we use to grow our crops and raise animals. We do not need more GMOs than we already have. 


“We are what we eat,” said the German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach. Though he said it in the socio-political context of the 1848 German revolution, its meaning under the skin still rings true today. A healthy diet that is naturally and organically sourced is critical to having great skin. 

On the other hand, food that is processed to death, such as sugar, alcohol, dairy, and baked goods, can cause inflammation and age your skin rapidly. Sugar and processed carbohydrates are at the top of the list of foods to avoid.  When we consume these oh-so-desirable but skin-damaging edibles, our blood sugar levels shoot up. The sugar is then released to the bloodstream and attaches to proteins to form harmful free radicals, which then break our skin’s collagen. With a weakened collagen structure, our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkling, dark spots, and saggy skin. This means that every cookie left untouched is one less fine line on your face — and you didn't  even have to spend on an expensive chemical-filled face cream for that!


It is not just what goes into your mouth that can help you get smooth, supple, and clear skin the natural and organic way. A healthy diet is just one component of a skin-loving lifestyle. Exercise and sleep are as important. When you exercise, your blood flow is increased, facilitating the efficient delivery of oxygen and vital nutrients to your skin cells. The improved oxygen in your bloodstream also flushes out the unwanted free radicals together with other body toxins. What about you getting enough zzzs? When you sleep, your skin takes the opportunity to repair itself by producing collagen. The less time you “invest” in sleeping, the less time there is for collagen production, resulting in a visible decline in skin elasticity. Change your sleeping habits and let your skin experience the restorative rewards.

Giving importance to your bodily needs to achieve optimum skincare doesn't mean your mental health is to be ignored. Stress is also a prolific producer of free radicals, which is responsible for many undesirable skin conditions, including acne and discoloration. Not only is stress a generator of free radicals, but it also produces cortisol and hormones which lead to the overproduction of sebum in the skin glands. A sound mind is interlinked to a sound body — and clear skin. Do your skin a favor by protecting your mental space and managing stress.


Isn't it amazing that simply adopting a more organic and natural way of taking care of our skin, be it in the products we use or the lifestyle changes that we make, allows us to be kinder to the world we live in, and ironically, to also be kinder to our very own selves? Make that decisive choice today and get ready to reap the benefits.

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