How to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

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The transition from late winter to early spring can be one of the toughest times to plan your wardrobe. The weather seems to be all over the place, and it is hard to know what to wear when you leave the house in the morning. 

When it comes to planning your outfits at this time of year, the trick is to transition your wardrobe in step with the transition between the two seasons. With the following tips, you will have an easier time making it through your wardrobe’s transition from winter to spring.


The daily changes in temperature offer some of the most significant challenges for working on your spring wardrobe. It can be cold in the morning and then warm in the afternoon. Instead of accepting that you may have to be uncomfortable for part of the day, you should embrace the idea of layering your clothes for spring.

Layer a sweater over a lighter shirt or put a light jacket on over your outfit. You can even continue to use some of your winter accessories like gloves and scarves to add layers that can be removed when it is warmer. You just want to make sure to check how the outfit looks without the layers so you still look good when you start to peel some of the extra items off.


A pair of shoes definitely can make the outfit, but you still need to be practical at this time of year. You might still find a few days that require your winter boots, but you can start to move toward lighter footwear like flats. At the very least, you will want to hold off on trying your open-toe footwear until it gets a little closer to summer.


One of the more exciting parts of this transition is that you get to start wearing your seasonal colors for spring. However, you might not be ready to jump from the blacks and grays of winter to bright spring colors all at once.

Instead of making a sudden change in color, work it in gradually. Stick with some of your winter clothes and add some colored accessories. Maybe a colorful scarf or you could try going with a bright top and darker bottoms.


As the temperatures warm, you will have less of a need for sweaters. Start by putting the heaviest sweaters away and keep your lighter sweaters handy. Your light sweaters can be great for layering on days that still have cold morning temperatures. Towards the end of the season, you can put the light sweaters away and just go with a jacket when the mornings aren’t quite as cold.

The transition from winter to spring is great for all of the style options that start to become an option again. With that being said, you do not want to take the first sunny day as a sign that it is time to put all of your winter clothes away. It’s a gradual transition and you may need to move back and forth between the two wardrobes for a time.

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