How to Stay Stylish and Feel Comfortable Wearing Loungewear in Public

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Loungewear is naturally more comfortable than work or any other regular attire. You can be forgiven for assuming it’s not usually the type of clothing you’d be inclined to normally wearing in public. It’s true that some loungewear is best for well, lounging around in the house. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t sport any comfortable loungewear outdoors! Below are a few example pieces that you may want to consider trying.  They’re just a few among many cute women’s loungewear outfits and pieces that are perfect for both private and public use.

  • TRACK PANTS - There’s nothing wrong with Netflix binging (definitely guilty!!) while sitting around in your favorite pair of sweatpants. You might not feel comfortable wearing  your around the house sweat pants out among other people. But, you can enjoy the relaxing fit of sweatpants while looking more stylish with a pair of track pants or trousers. They’re perfect for running quick errands or going for a walk in. Track pants can be styled in so many different ways, so don’t be afraid to have fun with them.

  • T-SHIRTS - You don’t have to dress up in fancy clothes to look your best all of the time. Sometimes, the simplest outfits can be just as impressive as something more complicated and elegant. For example, a comfortable plain white t-shirt combined with jeans or denim shorts is often a perfect summer outfit. It is a very versatile piece and can be styled in so many fun ways!! Sure, you might not wear this outfit if you’re heading out for a fancy dinner date, but if you’re just grabbing a casual lunch with friends... it will certainly do the trick! On another note, in many cases a basic white t-shirt is usually very affordable, giving you the option to add a versatile outfit to your wardrobe at a fairly low cost. T shirts are a closet staple that everyone should have in their closets!!

  • DENIM (THAT STRETCHES) - Sometimes denim isn’t the most comfortable material in the world. A pair of jeans may not offer the same comfort as yoga pants or leggings. Therefore, you may feel you can’t allow yourself to relax in public the same way you can while lounging around your home. I know not every one has the same feelings towards denim, but stretch denim can offer virtually the same degree of comfort as a pair of leggings, while looking more acceptable in public. 

  • FLAT MULES - Few people feel it’s okay to wear a pair of fuzzy slippers outdoors. Aside from the fact that they might not look appropriate in public, they’re also simply not a very practical option for wearing outdoors. But, there is an alternative… Flat mules!!! There are plenty of styles that are just as comfortable as a slipper,  while being acceptable outside of your house or apartment.

The main point to understand is that loungewear doesn’t need to be limited to indoor outfits. I hope that these few examples help you to be casual, comfortable, and not feel like you have to be fancy when you go out all the time. It is totally ok to wear loungewear and still be stylish when you are not hanging out at home.

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