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One thing that I like about posting photos on Instagram and even here on the blog is the fact that I can create and make everything my own. To me editing photos should reflect you and the way how you would like to be seen out in the world. For me I don’t like to over edit, I like my photos to look crisp, clear and you can still tell that it is me.

I have been using and I am always constantly finding new apps to use. One thing that I have been having fun with a lot recently is being creative with my content when it comes to editing and sharing my photos on Instagram Stories. Here are some of my favorites apps to edit with and use weekly…

Check it out below.


VSCO - This is honestly my holy grail!!! I use this app more than any other editing app that I have on my phone. It makes photos look just the way that I want them to with out having to do too much. Simple is my thing, so this app definitely helps with that.

Light Room Mobile - This is a great app for adding or taking away exposure issues, adding in color, and so many other things. I love to use vibrant colors in light room then toning it down later in other apps like VSCO.

Facetune 2 - I think facetune 2 might only be for iPhone. Don’t quote me, because I am not sure. I like this app for adding emphasis on details, like my hair and accessories that I wear. Sometimes I add more details in the background of photos, etc… It really helps to bring a photo more life. I know that this app has had a lot of controversy, but listen not everyone is out here altering their appearance ok!


There are so many apps that have been popping up to create fun IG stories and it helps to add more to the production and effort value when sharing content. A few that have been on repeat are…



Over - still playing with this one. There is so much to it!!


All of these apps have fun templates and options for creating engaging story content. It helps to make them more clean for marketing and promoting product or what ever else that you my be sharing.

I don’t pay for any apps. I use all of the free options and don’t feel the need to have to purchase from them. They all have different things that I like, so I use different things from all of them. I have fun experimenting and creating content to share with you all. Here is a little insight in to how I do it!! I plan to post other posts about my creative process. I hope that it helps you with your creative journey. There is not right or wrong. I believe what you create should be what you are passionate about and it should be something that you look forward to every day.

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