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It’s not a secret that a lot of people turn to Instagram as the main platform for influencer clout and brand marketing, but what about other social platforms? do they not matter? Are brands promoting and engaging on those other platforms? Should you think about promoting yourself on other social platforms besides just Instagram?

I had a chance to connect with Jamie Halper of Pretty Social on this subject. Jamie runs her own social agency and is always talking with clients about the best platforms for brands to use for building awareness, and there is one platform in particular that always gets over looked. Check out what she shared with me below.

TW: What is a surprising platform that brands often over look?

JH: Social media is so much more than just Instagram- and, believe it or not, your customer base lives and behaves differently on each platform that they use. If you're looking to offer superior customer service, you'll need to incorporate Twitter into your marketing strategy. Community management is perhaps the second most important aspect of a brand's social media strategy, second only to content. As a social media marketer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard phrases like ‘Isn’t Twitter Dead?’ My answer, of course, is usually something along the lines of 'Search for your brand name on Twitter and answer that question for yourself.'

TW: Why is twitter so important? Why is it important for companies and brands?

JH: Gone are the days that displeased customers pick up the phone to give unfiltered feedback. It’s certainly no secret that Twitter has been moved as the unspoken home for customer service complaints, but many brands and influencers are unsure how to navigate it, or in denial that it's still being utilized. The biggest PR mistake that a brand can make on Twitter is sitting in their notifications (or waiting on tags) to be notified of an upset customer. If you’re not conducting a daily search for your business name on Twitter, you could be missing timely customer service issues that have yet to be addressed. It’s up to you to venture out of your notifications and take care of your customers. If you happen to stumble upon a tweet with a negative tone, respond to negative feedback promptly and publicly, without suggesting that the conversation be taken to DM’s. Other customers will see your commitment to rectifying the issue and appreciate your transparency. Twitter is, by far, the most underused social media giant, and my agency has devoted 2019 to re-educating our clientele on its importance.

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I personally love twitter, because it gives information the second it happens. So many users that are active and launch new products or anything that has to do with branding publish and with in seconds get responses from their audience. I can admit that I don’t use twitter a ton, but the amount that I do definitely helps to drive traffic to new blog posts and videos on my You Tube channel (when I post them). It is something that brands should be paying more attention to, because Twitter is very much alive and I don’t think that it will be going anywhere any time soon. Are you on the twitter wagon?

Another platform that I don’t think that a lot of brands and influencers are taking advantage of is Pinterest!! It is a search hub for everything under the sun and connecting your website and social platforms to it can drive traffic back to your posts like you wouldn’t even believe. I personally love it, because since I talk about fashion and beauty I can share all of my photos there with product names and if some one just so happens to be looking for a product or likes my outfit and adds it to their board for inspo that brings awareness back to me, and my site. Tailwind is a great extension to use to automate your posts and makes it easy to post everyday to your pinterest boards.

The power is literally at your fingertips when it comes to promoting your brand, and it is up to you to use it. Thank you so much Jamie for your insight and I look forward to hearing more from you soon.

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