Staying Healthy at Home During Quarantine

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It’s not a secret that we are all going through a crazy and very interesting time right now together. With that being said it is super important for us to take care of ourselves more than ever!!! Paying attention to your physical and mental health can help you so much through out this time and will help you once this situation is over. For me self care has always been an important part of my life, and in this post I wanted to give some ways to stay healthy at home and what I have personally been doing myself. Check out some of my tips below.


  • Drink water!! It should be something that you do everyday any way. don’t forget about it. I personally carry around a huge water bottle and fill it up at least once a day. I also love smoothies with greens and lots of vitamins in them and green or Ginger tea. I try to do a mix of all different liquids throughout the day.


  • Find a way to keep your body moving!! If you can’t do something everyday, try a few times a week. Take a walk outside by your house where there aren’t any people around or do at home workouts. Any little bit helps!! I have found quite a few workouts online and on YouTube that have been fun to do. I try to do something physical at least 3 days a week. Sometimes I’m able to get more than 3 days in and I feel super accomplished!! Don’t forget to listen to your body. It will let you know what you need.


  • There’s something about music that feeds the soul!! If you’re not in to music, then listen to a podcast, watch a movie. Mentally escape for a moment. It will help make each day a little easier. I love just turning on a playlist or shuffle through different artists and just let the music play while I am doing different tasks throughout the day. It makes things a little more enjoyable. Don’t forget to give yourself a break!!


  • Making sure that you are feeding yourself good whole foods. Your body will thank you later!! In my personal diet I eat salads through out the week. I love adding fruit and veggies in to my daily smoothies, and most of my meals through out the day I try to add in at least one fruit or vegetable as a side. If this is something that you aren’t use to I totally get it, but try to add in a few fruits and vegetables in per week. Trust me you will start to see changes with in your body both physically and mentally.

These are few things in my life that are helping me to get through this “new normal”. Some days have been a challenge and other days have been ok. That is totally fine. We are all making it through this the best way that we can. I think in all of this the most important thing is to make sure that you check in with yourself from time to time. The more that you are ok with how you feel personally the better you will feel after all this is over and you will be able to transition back in to regular life. We should all support each other in anyway that we can. We all need each other more than ever before. I hope you are staying well !!

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