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Celebrating Kentucky Mothers on this Special Day

Glad Doggett

Did you know Mother's Day was invented by a Kentuckian?

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It's true!

Kentucky native Mary Towles Sassen came up with the idea to reserve one special day to celebrate mothers.

Choosing to be a stay-at-home mom is a choice more and more women are making. Cassie Moore of Lexington, Kentucky is just one example of one of a Kentucky mother who infuses her passion and creativity into her role.

Cassie expresses her passion and purpose as a creative stay-at-home mother who intentionally chose to not work outside the home. She spends her days raising two precocious, flaxen-haired little girls and managing her household. Cassie’s passion is expressing her creativity in motherhood, but her creativity spills over into every aspect of her life. Her example shows us that a woman doesn’t have to invest her time, energy, and gifts in projects outside the home to be passionate, purposeful, and accomplished. Cassie’s work may not work outside the home, but it is work, nonetheless. Her contribution is as vital and significant as the contributions of women who choose to express their passions differently.

Tell me about your passion and how it shapes your life.

Being creative is my passion, I have so many creative outlets that I enjoy, but my number one expression of my creativity is my passion for being a mother. I feel my purpose is to guide my children to become good humans who follow their dreams and make their marks on the world. But I also want to ensure they maintain an authentic connection to themselves.

Did you make a conscious decision to follow your passion and instincts in raising your girls?

Even growing up, I knew I wanted to raise my kids in a way that felt true to me. I wanted to expose them to many things and give them opportunities to flourish. I wanted to ensure they always felt accepted, and that they could always come to me no matter what. I want them to know that I will always welcome them with open arms. My goal is to raise adaptable, resilient children who thrive in the Army lifestyle, and to be people who see light when others may see dark. 

How has the past year living during the pandemic affected you as a full-time mother and a full-time homeschool teacher?

Homeschool has been rewarding and challenging all rolled into one. My patience and how I communicate with the girls has grown. I have to be creative when teaching lessons, especially to Gwen who is independent and opinionated. I have loved seeing their passions while they have been home. To see the proud looks on their faces when they accomplish a task they didn’t think they could do or when something clicks is amazing. I have been so impressed at how quickly they have been able to adapt to all the changes with school and the world in general.

I won’t lie, I am looking forward to them going back to school. The lack of me time is overwhelming. I am thankful for how much time our family has spent together this past year, especially since we spend so much time apart in normal years because of my husband’s career in the U.S. Army.

How do you stay fresh and engaged when you live the same day over and over again?

I have to constantly think up new ways to be present (especially now) and look for creative ways to connect with my girls. I also have to find creative ways to pursue my other passions while keeping my priorities in perspective. There is always a way to use creativity, regardless of what you’re doing. Being a creative mother means consistently introducing new, different things to my girls.

How has listening to your own instincts in motherhood and other areas of your life served you?

As most parents know, you get A LOT of feedback about how to raise your children. But, rather than listen to advice from outside, I have always trusted my gut. The one thing that will never change is that what is best for my family will always come first. We’re an Army family and that means you rarely have your extended families nearby or a community to rely. My husband and I have realized that we have what it takes to be parents and that we are capable without the influence of others. Jobs, houses, and most certainly where we live will change. But, my passion as a mother will only grow stronger. That won’t ever change.

I believe mothers need to listen to their inner guidance about what’s right for their children. If you ask 100 people for their opinions, you’ll get 100 different opinions. But none of them are your own. I’m the person who knows what’s best for my family and my daughters. 

I encourage women—but especially mothers of young children—to listen to the voice inside their heads and hearts, rather than the vast number of voices you hear in our culture every day. Often women seek advice from others because they’re looking for the "right answer." More times than not, the right answer is already inside them. 

My Take Away …

Cassie helped me understand that creative, empowered motherhood inspires passion, too. We are fortunate to live in a time when women get to choose how they express their passions. Mothers now can choose to be stay-at-home moms, career-minded moms, or a mixture of both. The traditional image of a mother as a woman who is selfless and constantly sacrificing for the good of her children no longer fits the reality that mothers know to be true. Making motherhood a priority is just as legitimate and inspiring as any other expression of passion. Women have always shaped children’s lives with creativity and passion, and they're finally getting the recognition they deserve. The world is better for it.

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