10 Easy Self-Care Ideas To Instantly Boost Your Mood

Glad Doggett


Be honest: After the emotionally draining year you just endured, don't you think you deserve a little TLC in the form of self-care?

Self-care is not only about frivolous days gettin a facial and a hot stone massage. The truth is, self-care is the deliberate act of reserving time to focus on yourself in a way that ensures you are being cared for by you. It’s an important habit all of us should embrace.

Self-care can be as simple as a walk in the park to clear your head or an afternoon nap in the middle of the afternoon after a hectic morning with your kids.

Below are a few easy  self-care ideas you can do in less than two weeks to clean up clutter and open up space for the New Year.

Replace your tattered, ill fitting, old undies, socks, and bras

What you wear underneath your clothes matters, too. But if you are like most people, you overlook the importance of nice, well-fitting undergarments. This year, refuse to wear undies that make you squirm. Go through your drawers and examine your panties, bras, and socks. If your bras and panties no longer fit, and your socks have more holes than a sieve, resolve to replace them so you feel better in the New Year.

Clean out your make up bag

Off-colored lipsticks and half-used, free makeup samples multiply faster than a calculator in your bag. Do you really need to keep the miscellaneous tubes of makeup you don’t use? Dump the old to make room for the new. Pick out your favorites to keep, then give away or throw away the rest. While you’re at it, throw away half-used skin care, body lotions, hair products, toiletries, and perfumes you no longer use. Keep the items you love, and use them pamper yourself regularly.

Edit the contents of your purse, backpack, and wallet

These three must-haves are notorious junk collectors. Rummage through them and throw away old receipts, coupons, and gum wrappers. Wipe out the inside and exterior with a disinfectant wipe. Get rid superfluous pens, loose change, and other clutter that weighs you down. Consider tucking in a travel-size hand sanitizer for good measure.

Cancel subscriptions you no longer use

Most of people don’t realize the number of subscriptions they’re paying for and no longer use. Track down forgotten subscriptions with an app like Truebill. Keep the ones you still use; delete the rest. Lingering subscriptions are money sucks and no bueno for your financial mojo. Common subscriptions include cable and internet services, gym memberships, technology apps, TV apps, clothing box subscriptions, meal boxes, and audio books.

Schedule an appointment with a financial advisor

If you already have a financial advisor, check in with her and get up to date on your money life. If you are new to managing money and talking about your finances, consider finding one in the coming year. Start slowly. Make a list of your burning money questions such as saving for retirement, your children’s education, budgets, and investments. Then find the right advisor that’s a good match for you. Choose someone who will help you find clarity about what you need.

Clean out your vehicle

When was the last time you gave your car a little TLC? Start this year with a fresh, clean car by throwing away trash, food containers, and anything else that makes the interior untidy. Vacuum the inside, wipe down the console, dash, and steering wheel. And don’t overlook the interior windows. As for the exterior, drive through a car wash or apply a little elbow grease and wash it yourself.

Schedule annual appointments early

Your future self will thank your for tackling this self-care tip because it will save you time and frustration. List all the self-care appointments you need to make for the coming year. Most people’s lists start with personal health visits to dentists, gynecologists, eye doctors, chiropractors, etc. Get them on your calendar early in the year, and let go of the worry of fitting them into your schedule later.

Change your sheets whenever you need a good night’s sleep

Is there anything as indulgent as climbing into a freshly made bed with fresh, clean sheets? Fresh sheets are an easy way to inspire a feeling of instant luxury. Don’t wait to stay in a 5-star hotel to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Clean sheets can make your bedtime feel heavenly.

Buy yourself comfortable pajamas

After you switch to sleeping comfy pajamas, you’ll never slum in an old T-shirt again. This year, dump the old, stretched out shirts and make a resolution to make your bedtime ritual feel special. Comfortable PJs are another simple way you can make lounging feel luxurious.

Purge workout clothes that have outlived their intended life span

Faded leggings with thigh-rub nubs and stretched out waist bands can make your workouts a drag. That also goes for stretched, stained, ill-fitting sports bras, and worn out running shoes, too. Take an inventory of your workout attire and get rid of pieces that have seen better days. What you wear to workout sets the tone and energy for your routine. Investing in new is investing in YOU.

Practicing regular self-care doesn’t have to be a big ordeal to be effective. It can be small, easy acts that make you feel better without fuss. These 10 ideas are not only practical, they are quick ways to quietly take care of yourself.

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