DIY pet bed

Gin Lee
DIY pet bed/ kennel bed/ pet cushionGin Lee

DIY pet bed

Do you have a fur baby that sometimes has to sleep in a kennel, during times when you're away from home? This is a simple, no-sew DIY kennel bed project that anyone can accomplish.

I timed myself when making my pooch this DIY kennel bed. It actually took me about forty-two minutes from start to finish.

My almost eight-year-old boxer has to be placed in her dog's kennel during thunderstorms, or else she simply goes loco. We purchased two different kennel mats for her, but for some unknown reason, she doesn't like either of them. Instead of her using them to lay on, she wads them up, and literally kicks them to the corner of her kennel.

Since Princess (my dog) isn't getting any younger, she really doesn't need to be lying on the hard floor of the kennel. So, I came up with this DIY kennel bed idea for her.

The length and width of my dog's kennel is 54 inches x 37 inches. So, I cut out two pieces of soft material that size, then I cut strips along the edges of both pieces of material one-inch to two inches wide and about four-inches long. (I didn't do any precise measurements on the ties. I just eyeballed what I thought looked about right.)
Tying the fringe around the DIY pet bed/Gin Lee

After that, I made sure that the printed sides of each piece of material were facing outwards (wrong sides together). Then I began tying the strips and knotting them together.
Cutting the corners/Gin Lee

When you make your way to the end corners, you'll need to cut a square piece out of each corner. If not, the ties won't want to line up right when they're tied.

I finished tying all the string pieces until I had all the sides tied together, except for one of the end (width) sides. I left one end untied, so that I could place a large pillow inside the mat cover. Then once I did that, I finished tying the strips of material together on that last part. The outside edges looks like fringe once the pet bed has been completed.

Pet bed finished/ no sewing involved/Gin Lee

This DIY made an adorable dog bed that hardly cost anything, except for the forty-two minutes that it took me to make it. (I used materials that I already had.)


You could use an old fleece blanket, sheet, cloth table cover, etc. for the material, and use an old pillow or an old cushion to place inside the center for stuffing. Cut the material to the size of your fur-babies kennel, then follow the directions. By the time you have each side tied together, it will fit down inside your pet's kennel perfectly.

You could totally do this DIY without adding any type of stuffing inside of it. I think it would be really comfy if you used a thicker fleece type of material.

Of course, the pet bed can also be stitched together by hand, or with a sewing machine, but then it wouldn't be as cute, in my opinion.

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