Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)

Gin Lee
Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)Gin Lee

If your home is prone to mildew, a peace lily may be just the plant that you need! This tropical plant absolutely loves high humidity, so they are awesome plants to have in your bathrooms, laundry rooms and some kitchen areas. The peace lily absorbs excess moisture that's in the air through its foliage. Which makes it the perfect indoor plant.

This tropical plant actually prefers being in low light and in humid locations. Which makes it the perfect plant to keep in areas such as bathrooms. Peace lilies do extremely well from the steam when taking a shower and that naturally helps prevent mold from occurring, because the plant absorbs the moisture.

The plant helps prevent mold, as it removes mold spores from the air, and guess what? Mold spores can not grow when there's no moisture present. Simply stated, peace lilies purify the surrounding air. Which can also help you breathe and rest easier during the day and at night, and that's why I refer to them as being miracle plants.

Taking care of a peace lily

Peace lilies really don't require much attention. They are extremely easy to take care of.

A peace lily will let you know when it needs watering, because the leaves of the plant will begin to droop a little. The plant generally only needs to be watered once a week, sometimes twice a week during hot summer months. Allow the surface of the soil to get somewhat dry in between watering schedules.

Getting a peace lily to bloom

To get your peace lily to bloom, you'll need to keep it in low light, then gradually move it into a brighter lit room. However, remember that the plant doesn't do well in full sunshine.

I get mine to bloom simply by changing the settings on my lights. If you don't have that as an option, you could change the wattage of your light bulbs, to prevent having to move the plant around.

Generally, peace lilies will bloom during the spring and again in the fall. The flowers usually are a beautiful bright white, but as the plant ages, the flowers can sometimes bloom green and that's natural for this plant.

When to transplant a peace lily?

Is your peace lily getting rootbound? Early spring is the perfect time for repotting peace lilies, but if your peace lilies are really rootbound and can't wait, it's best to transplant them into a bigger container ASAP.

Use good potting soil, such as Miracle-Gro, for repotting, then water the plant well.

Signs of a dying peace lily

Peace lilies can live a very long time when they're kept healthy. I got my peace lilies back in 2001 and they're still flourishing beautifully.

If your peace lily is looking weak and distressed, it may be because of the lighting that it's in. Other common problems are under-watering, over-watering, or the location that you have placed the plant in isn't humid enough.

Earlier I stated that peace lilies do best in low lighting and this holds true. Exposure to bright light can sunburn and scorch the plant's leaves. Which in turn can cause the leaves to blister, turn brown, dry up and kill the plant. So remember, even though the peace lily is a tropical plant, they DON'T do well in full sunlight.

Under-watering causes peace lilies to droop and turn brown, and dry up. Always remember to water your peace lily at least once a week. Also, spritzing the leaves of the plant with apple cider vinegar and water solution will help give it nourishment throughout the week.

Over-watering a peace lily will cause the plant's leaves to turn yellow, create root rot, and can cause your plant to die. If you've accidentally over-watered your peace lily, try to drain the water off the plant as soon as possible.

Lack of nutrients will also cause the peace lily leaves to turn yellow and can cause the plant to die. Feed the plant with dried coffee grounds, dried egg shells, or apple cider vinegar and water solution once or twice a month.

To conclude:

Peace lilies are actually really low-maintenance tropical plants. The plant can be placed in a darker room, because it doesn't like being in bright sunlight. The plant takes moisture out of a room, which makes it a great plant to keep inside the bathroom.

Peace lilies are also known to help people feel less stressed; hence the reasons why they're referred to as peace lilies.

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