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Are stores pricing themselves out of business due to the economy?

Gin Lee

Are stores pricing themselves out of business due to the economy?/Wynne, Arkansas/Gin Lee

Are stores pricing themselves out of business due to the economy?

In Wynne, Arkansas, prices are at an all-time high nowadays. Over the weekend, everywhere I turned, on every aisle, I saw firsthand how shoppers would look at the prices, then turn and walk away without getting the items that they actually needed. This led me to the question; are stores pricing themselves out of business due to the economy?

The Supercenter Wal-mart at 800 Highway 64 East, Wynne, Arkansas 72396, seemed to be fully stocked up on almost everything in their store. The meat, deli, produce, and dairy departments all appeared to be stocked up well, and there weren't really any empty shelves this past Friday. There were a few items on my list that I couldn't find in the store, but for the most part, the selection of their inventory was really good.

Wal-mart has always been known as a DISCOUNT store. A store where hard-working people could go to save money on the items that they needed. That, after-all, was Sam Walton's dream when he first ventured into the business all those years ago. However, if the economy doesn't change, what will become of these one-stop-shop discount stores?

While I was shopping, I stopped to speak to some of the local Wal-mart shoppers, who told me that they simply couldn't afford the store's prices any longer and that the prices were really hitting them hard. I think that a lot of different people nowadays can relate to that.

I can honestly say that the prices in the Supercenter Wal-mart at Wynne, Arkansas, are a lot cheaper than shopping at Walmart.com online. When I asked a store employee the reasons why, I was told that it was because of the rising fuel costs.

Stepping out at Hays Food Town, 1860 Falls Blvd, Wynne, Arkansas 72396. Normally, I tend to find that the prices at Hays Food Town are higher than at any other nearby grocery store. However, on Friday, their prices on food and drink items were actually cheaper than those of the Wal-mart Supercenter.

The Hays store was extremely clean, well-kept, and well stocked on everything. Plus, this month's sales are pretty darn good in comparison to the prices I have seen at other grocery stores.

Hays no longer has the pick 5 meat bundles for $20.00, that price has been raised to $25.00, but that's still a better deal than you can get for fresh meat anywhere else in Wynne, Arkansas.

Hays had Niagara 24-packs of bottled water for $3.99. Pepsi products were on sale for three 12-packs for $12.00. Their Bar-S Cheddar Smoked Sausage 14 Count Pack (2.5 pounds) sale price: $6.49 (07/11/22 - 08/08/22) and they're normally $7.49.

How were my shopping experiences at both stores?

At Wal-mart, I purchased mainly the Great Value brand and Sam's Choice brand. Whereas at Hays Food Town, I purchased only name-branded items.

There was a big difference between the prices at Wal-mart and Hays Food Town. I walked out of Hays with a full shopping cart of food and drinks for just under $55.00. I had less than half a grocery cart full of food and drinks at the Wal-mart Supercenter and spent 123.53.

I didn't purchase a meat bundle at Hays, or much for meat at Wal-mart. However, I did purchase lunch meat, sausage links, three 12-packs of Diet Sam's Cola, sliced cheese, bread, and pizzas. At Hays, I purchased the Bar-S Cheddar Smoked Sausage 14 Count Pack, several packages of rolls, Arkansas tomatoes, a 24-pack of bottled water, and nine 12-packs of Diet Pepsi. I also purchased a couple of other different food items.

To conclude, this shopping trip was a fill-in trip. There weren't a lot of items that I needed, other than my drinks. Had I needed meat, I would have selected the meat bundle option at Hays Food Town versus buying meat at the Supercenter Wal-mart. Simply because it would have been the best deal with a lot more meat options to choose from.

Generally, I order all of my meat products through Wild Fork Foods and buy whatever else I need online, but every few months I like to do price comparisons and do fill-in shopping sprees. In my area there's utterly no stores that are close to where I live. Everything is a long drive away and with the rising cost of fuel, as it is, it's more convenient to order online and have stuff delivered through FedEx and UPS.

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