Alaska Raceway Park

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Alaska Raceway Park/Christina Rasmussen

Alaska Raceway Park

In my latest interview with Christina Rasmussen, a resident of Eagle River, Alaska, while chit-chatting, we conversed back and forth about the Alaska Raceway Park, located in Butte, Alaska. She stated that her boyfriend Charles' friend races at the racing complex.

Alaska Raceway Park is a motorsports complex conducting car racing from the second Sunday in May to the first Monday in September. The racing complex is owned and operated by Earl and Karen Lackey and daughter Michelle Lackey Maynor.

The raceway is located in Butte, which is near the Knik River, and Knik Glacier at Mile 10.4 of the Old Glenn Highway, a little over forty-one miles northeast of Anchorage, Alaska, United States. The raceway track sits at an elevation of sixty-three feet above sea level, offering excellent air pressure for racing.
Alaska Raceway Park/Christina Rasmussen

Nearby, you can't help but notice the picturesque view of the six thousand-plus foot Pioneer Peak looming over the finish line, providing a scenic racing venue that's recognized worldwide among race fans.

Alaska Raceway Park has night racing. However, there's no need for lights since there is a local city noise ordinance, which means all racing at the complex has to end at 10:00 p.m..
Racing at Alaska Raceway Park/Christina Rasmussen

In 2016, a new 1/3-mile asphalt oval track emerged, which was sponsored by Tesoro Refining and Marketing, Pruhs Construction, Soper's Concrete, Valley Block and Concrete, E-Terra, Acutek Geomatics, New Horizons Telecom, and J.D. Steel Co.
Racing at Alaska Raceway Park/Christina Rasmussen

The oval track was approved in February 2016 as a home track by NASCAR in its Whelen All-American Series. Hence, the track became the first NASCAR-sanctioned track in Alaska and also is the most northerly NASCAR track.

A resident of Alaska, Keith McGee, was the absolute first disabled veteran and also the first driver from Alaska in the history of NASCAR to compete in a National series event. (Fanbuzz, 2021)

Other fan-favorite NASCAR drivers who have competed at Alaska Raceway Park also include: Bobby Reuse, Jake Griffin, Joe Hudson, Jordan Anderson, Ken Schrader, and Roger Reuse.
Drag racing at Alaska Raceway Park/Christina Rasmussen

The racing complex park offers a variety of racing for fans, such as drag car racing. Fans say that the racing is entertaining and enjoyable for the entire family. Once the races are finished, they open the pits to the drivers' fans, so they can meet their favorite drivers. This gives the fans a chance to see the race cars up close and offers them a chance to sit inside them. There's absolutely no charge for pit visits after the races.

Another fan also stated; "There's no other place you can go to find a racetrack and drag strip with a scenic view like what's at Alaska Raceway Park. Should you go to the racing complex, be sure that you wear earplugs, because once the race car drivers start their engines, that means it's going to get very loud!"


  • The Great Alaskan Gas & Diesel Truck Show will be held at the complex on June 25th, 2022.
  • The Great Alaskan Truck Show will be happening on June 26th, 2022.
  • 4th of July Weekend NASCAR/INEX Races on July 2nd, 2022
  • 4th of July Top Eliminator and Points Event on July 4th, 2022

The Fourth of July event will be an eventful time for everyone who is interested. The Green Light Grill, Nitro Java and the High Octane Lounge will be open during the event, as well as the gift shop. Once admission fees are paid, the spectator parking lot is free. For a small fee, Tailgater fence parking will be available, but no overnight parking will be allowed. There will be FREE camping available in the red spectator lot.

Admission Fees:

  • All children ages ten and under can get in FREE
  • Youth ages eleven-fifthteen $10
  • Adults $15
  • Seniors & military members $12

The Alaska Raceway Park 1/4 mile dragstrip and a 1/3 mile oval track will be hosting motorsports events all summer long.


All photos were provided by Christina Rasmussen, a resident of Eagle River, Alaska. (2022, June 20).

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